Can You Find the Ant Among the Butterflies in This Spring Puzzle?

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There's nothing like a fun spring activity to freshen your mood! Especially when it involves an oh-so-cute cheerful puzzle from Gergely Dudás, aka Dudolf, a children's book illustrator who is also known for stumping his readers with his wholesomely challenging seek-and-finds!

Inspired by the spring season, this new puzzle is full of little butterflies fluttering across the page with the prettiest background in a bright, pastel color palette—light hues of pinks, greens, blues, yellows, and all! Don't stare in awe for too long, because the real goal here is to find the ANT hidden among all of the butterflies!

Go ahead and take a gander! Oh, and maybe time yourself just to see how long it takes you to find.

can you find the ant among the butterflies in this spring brainteaser

This one is a hard one, isn't it? 😂

Actually, this might just be Dudolf's hardest seek-and-find yet! The shape of the ant is pretty similar to that of the butterflies (minus the wings).

So, to give those of you who haven't found it yet a hint: Look the upper right corner of the image. Just make sure to keep your eyes tuned to a wingless insect.

Still having trouble? Okay, so it's also worth noting that the body of the ant isn't separated with small white spaces in the way that the butterflies are. Also, the ant has six visible legs!

Some of you might have found it by now. (Congrats!) But others might have thrown in the towel at this point—and that's totally okay.

Either way, you can find the solution in the video below. For those who didn't finish, no worries, you'll get 'em next time! To those who did, check the video to see if you were right.

There you have it! While you're here, go ahead check out some other works from Dudolf! He's got the cutest Easter puzzles for spring, and even some cool royal-themed puzzles.

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