Another Nationwide Dog Food Recall Has Been Issued—Here's What You Need to Know

Pug puppy

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're a pup-parent, it's time to check your dog food stash yet again. The reason? Unfortunately, there's another dog food recall.

Fresh off the heels of both an October and September recall, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has noted that yet another recall has been implemented for a popular dog brand — and it's one that you should definitely be paying attention to.

Announced on October 30, Mid America Pet Food issued a nationwide voluntary recall of its Victor Super Premium Dog Food in the Beef Meal & Rice Formula due to a possible Salmonella health risk. According the FDA's announcement, the Mount Pleasant, Texas-based company is recalling three lots of the popular variety after an unnamed third-party conducted a random sampling. As a result, there were products that were associated with the three lots that tested positive for the bacteria.

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Potentially affected products include the 5-, 15- and 40-pound bags of the indicated Victor variety and bear the lot numbers of 1000016890, 1000016891 and 1000016892, respectively. Best by dates for all three options are listed as 6/12/2024.

For those unaware, salmonella can impact pets in ways similar to humans. Symptoms can include fever, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, and lethargy. Some pets, however, may only experience decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. And while your pup is at risk of contamination through consumption of the affected product, fur parents are at risk through handling the contaminated food. If you or your pup happen to exhibit any above signs — or more serious signs such as nausea, muscle pain, eye irritation, contracting a UTI, or more — please contact your healthcare provider immediately.

While the product in question was distributed to various retailers and distributors throughout the United States, thankfully, no human or pet illnesses have been reported to date. And, though the company issued a similar recall in September for another Victor variety, this one is unrelated.

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Though both retailers and distributors have begun to pull the recalled products from shelves and inventory, there is a chance that consumers may already have it in their possession. If you do happen to have a bag of the affected product, you are urged to destroy the product immediately in a way that is inaccessible to children, pets and wildlife. And, be sure to wash and sanitize any items that may have come in contact with the food.

For any questions about Mid America Pet Food's voluntary recall, you can contact the company's consumer affairs department at or by phone at 1-888-428-7544, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 PM CT. And for photos of the products in question, you can check here.

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