Announcing This Season’s Stuff on Toast: Broccoli and Garlic Ricotta

The “stuff on toast” trend—which is still happening, may it live forever—is basically about piling one delicious thing on top of another. Oh, and bread. Maximalism may not have a place in every category of food (I could live without turducken, glazed donut breakfast sandwiches, and cherpumple, but when it comes to toast (and also pasta), no tasty topper shall be turned away.

This summer, we declared one recipe THE tomato toast of the season. Well, the season’s changing, and so is our go-to toast. These Broccoli and Garlic-Ricotta Toasts with Hot Honey are a scene-stealer: Every single part of this 30-minute recipe—starting from the oil-slicked bread and moving to the roasted garlic mixed into ricotta, charred broccoli, and spicy honey thinned with vinegar—sounds delicious. So how could it not be good? (No bizarre plot twist here: It is very good!)

You walk the walk, but do you brocc the brocc?

See the video.

The hardest part will be getting to the moment where you build the, ahem, tartines: Not because any step is difficult (toast, roast, stir—it’s a cinch!) but because it takes a great amount of willpower to not eat every component as it’s ready. You’ll have a bread snack as you wait for the oven to heat; you’ll grab a floret or five of singed broccoli as soon as it comes out of the oven; you’ll steal a swipe of ricotta with your finger before you smear it on the toast.

But try to persevere. Because as tempting as each part is on its own, it’s begrudgingly true what Jack Johnson says: the salty broccoli, mild and milky ricotta, and zingy hot honey are better together. And bread is the logical vessel.

Multiply this by 10 and you have a full meal.
Multiply this by 10 and you have a full meal.
Photo by Alex Lau, Food Styling by Sue Li

The recipe has you make snack-sized portions, the sort of elegant appetizers you might serve at a dinner party on the weekend, when 10 p.m. bedtimes do not apply, or—if you’re really an adult—to satiate you as you prepare the real meal. But I’m greedy! I cut fat, dinner-sized slices of sesame bread, then slathered them thick with the garlicky cheese and mounded the broccoli precariously high. Et voilà: What was once an hors d’oeuvre is now a legitimate meal.

Most mind-bogglingly of all, this recipe included a FREE TIP that will change the way I roast garlic forever. Rather than roasting a whole head wrapped in an aluminum foil pouch, which can take nearly an hour, you roast individual cloves, still in their skins, on the same tray as the broccoli. When they’re cool enough to handle, squeeze them out like toothpaste (so, from the top of the tube, duh) for that earthy-sweet roasted garlic flavor in half the time.

Will I roast garlic every time I roast vegetables now that I know this speed-demon secret? There’s nothing stopping me. Will I add said roasted garlic to a bowl of ricotta—or cream cheese, or hummus, or tomato sauce—now that I know how much it could use the upgrade? There’s nothing stopping me.

And will I ever eat broccoli without roasting it to oblivion and plopping it on a bed of cheese? Just no.

Enter the enchanted broccoli forest:

Broccoli and Garlic-Ricotta Toasts with Hot Honey

Claire Saffitz