WATCH: How to Make Money as a Travel Writer


Annie Fitzsimmons, National Geographic; Sophie Wade; and Joe Diaz, Afar; Jo Piazza, Yahoo Travel. (Photo: Yahoo)

OK, so you’ve finally taken the leap to become a travel writer. Awesome. But now the big question is, “How do I make money?”

The travel writing world is filled with a lot of opportunities, and unfortunately that means there is a lot of competition. It can be frustrating to know where to start, who to talk to, and what to write.

Yahoo Travel recently held an event at the Story space in Chelsea with three 15-minute panels discussing the power of travel. Yahoo Travel managing editor Jo Piazza hosted the discussion that focused on how to make a living as a travel content creator. From how to connect with brands to the importance of networking, the panelists share their tips for making a name, and some money, in the travel world.

Watch: Joe Diaz shares what Afar looks for in a potential content creator.

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