Anne Hathaway Wore ‘Alien Nails’ to the Versace Runway Show

Anyone who tells you fashion shows are all about the clothes is simply not paying close enough attention. Of course, the ensembles going down the runway—not to mention the outfits worn by front-row celebs — are the center of attention, but to ignore the beauty moments on the models and attendees is to miss out on so much aesthetic inspiration. And if you're willing to really zero in on the tiny details, you get a glimpse of greatness like Anne Hathaway's manicure at the Versace runway show.

Although Versace usually has its runway shows during Milan Fashion Week, Donatella Versace took the opportunity to present her Fall/Winter 2023 collection in West Hollywood on March 9, with the pre-Oscar buzz in the air. It was impossible to ignore the incredible makeup look created by Pat McGrath for the plethora of supermodels in the show, and now nail artist Tom Bachik has shared the manicure he did for Hathaway, who mingled with other celebrity guests like Lil Nas X, Cher, Dua Lipa, and Demi Moore.

"It honestly was a moment of discovery," Bachik told Allure. "The idea was to add some length and create a modern French manicure. I test-applied a clear, full-coverage tip over her iridescent nails to see if we could get away with not taking the time to soak them off. Not only did the tips fit well, they looked amazing!" Those crystal-clear tips: Aprés Nail Gel-X Natural Stiletto Medium nails.

Anne Hathaway loved the look as soon as he tested it out, so Bachik perfected the shape of her manicure for a proper fit of the tips. "Then I used a jelly adhesive to fill in the gaps between the two and give a seamless look," he explains. "Voilá — Nailien manicure." (Ha! Nailien. Good one, Tom.)

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Anne Hathaway Versace 2023

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We never tire of new takes on the French manicure, and with this extraterrestrial interpretation, it's safe to say the style has intergalactic appeal.

This article was originally published in Allure.

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