Anne Hathaway’s Stylist Used This $17 Volumizing Spray to Create the Actress’ Sky-High Met Gala Hair

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Met Gala Monday is a day for scrolling — especially for a beauty and fashion writer not based in NYC. I spent my afternoon and evening pouring over looks via dedicated Twitter accounts and constantly refreshing Instagram to look for any new angles to write about. And the internet’s consensus? Few hairdos came close to touching Anne Hathaway’s, with writer Carrie Wittmer putting it best when tweeting, “Finally someone who understands that an outfit starts from the top of your head.”

She paired her custom Versace tweed dress — held together by gold safety pins — with hair as high as the platform pumps on her feet. “We knew we didn't want to do anything that would distract from the front of the dress, so we decided to go with a look that was up in the front and then really long, with volume in the back,” said celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita in a press release. Pita worked directly with Hathaway to create the look, and according to him, they were able to achieve the sky-high hairdo with three products from the stylist’s own expertly crafted hair product line, all of which you can grab at Amazon.

Pita started with his Great Inflate Air Whipped Styling Foam, which allowed them to begin adding volume before the blow dry. This mousse, which is created with a five-protein complex, is designed to add body while maintaining the hair’s health. According to Orlando Pita Play’s customers, this is a must-have for those with fine hair that tends to get weighed down by styling foams. “This mousse is airy and light, giving just enough hold to keep the style while delivering great volume,” wrote one shopper, while another person called the “light and fluffy” volumizer “magic in a bottle” for their thin hair.



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After Hathaway’s hair was completely dry, Pita went in with the brand’s Body Breakthrough Volume Boosting Hairspray to “increase the hair's volume, fullness, and shine.” And according to shoppers, the $17 product “doesn’t disappoint.” One person called the hairspray “fabulous” while another noted that it “holds [their] hair in place” with “no need [for] touch ups.” And thanks to that same protein complex, not only is volume increased and held, but hair maintains that soft-to-the-touch feel, per the brand.



Shop now: $17;

The look was finished with the stylist’s Climate Change Humidity Blocking Hair Spray, meant to seal in and hold the style while ensuring that — even on a humid night in NYC — hair remained frizz-free. And shoppers swear that it does just that, with one person saying that they, “love the soft feel of this hairspray and all-day hold” and how it “helps tremendously if you deal with frizz in humid weather.” Another person wrote that while they typically “avoid hairspray like the plague” because of its typical stickiness, they swear by this one, which “protects against humidity and keeps [their] hair so soft.”



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Achieve Anne Hathaway’s Met Gala volume in three steps with celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita’s body-boosting lineup, which you can grab at Amazon starting at just $17.

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