'Anne With an E' Star Miranda McKeon Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Poignant Post

Photo credit: Netflix/Instagram
Photo credit: Netflix/Instagram

On Friday, Anne With an E star Miranda McKeon announced on Instagram that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The 19-year-old actress, who starred in the recently adapted Anne of Green Gables Netflix series as Josie Pye, shared the news in an Instagram post containing several slides. The first slide is of Miranda standing in a doctor's office, while the rest of the slides are handwritten notes explaining her diagnosis and documenting her "journey."

The caption of Miranda's post reads in full:

Pink is my new color!!!!! It is with a heavy yet hopeful heart that I share news that I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I am 19 and as statistics go- the chances of having breast cancer at this age are one in a million! (literally, look it up on Google) I am so special- but we knew this💛! In these slides I have shared information on what my past 4 days have looked like, why I have decided to share this on social media, information on my cancer, a note not to be scared, and a message to my family and friends. Ps. I’m horrible at spelling so I am acknowledging in advance of any typos.

In support of Miranda, several of her fellow Anne With an E cast and crew members penned encouraging and heartfelt messages in the comments section. Dalmar Abuzeid, who plays Bash, wrote, "Wishing you well, Miranda. You’re courageous and stylish!" Meanwhile, Amybeth McNulty, a.k.a. Anne Shirley, noted, "We’ve got your back. Always." What's more, executive producer Moira Walley-Beckett said, "One thing I am not surprised about when reading this upending and scary post is your wise and beautiful point of view and your decision to share your diagnosis and journey in order to help others. I love you dearly and I’m sending so much love and light. You are indeed one in a million."

In the first note, Miranda clarifies that she learned of her diagnosis after flying to San Francisco on June 14 to work on a "regenerative, sustainable farm." After hearing the news, she immediately flew back home and has since completed several biopsies and tests.

In a different note, Miranda writes that she won't get "super specific" in the interest of not "scaring" others. That said, she explains that her breast cancer will be treated with "chemotherapy, radiation and some sort of surgery." She also added, "The good news is, breast cancer is very treatable and very curable and I WILL BE OKAY."

On Monday, Miranda shared another update with fans on Instagram. Accompanying a selfie, Miranda wrote in the post's caption that she was waiting to hear back after undergoing a PET scan which would "identify cancer on a full body scale/results."

"Regardless of what the outcome of today is, nothing will change. Logistically, treatment will still follow the same course. I won’t pretend that if the cancer has gone beyond my lymph nodes that I won’t be a bit heartbroken and probably cry for many hours," she wrote. "But I don’t live in a fearful space, so after that, I will wipe my tears, go for ice cream, and chin up. I’m doing this thing no matter what ..."

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