Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Mourn The Loss of Their Beloved Dog Banjo

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Actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer announced some sad news that their beloved Catahoula leopard dog mix crossed the rainbow bridge. The couple had rescued Banjo from a puppy mill in 2019.

Paquin shared a heartbreaking post written by her husband Steven Moyer to Instagram on Monday.

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The post reads, "On Friday our beautiful Banjo passed over to the other side. Wherever that is, whatever that is, it was mercifully gentle and he was surrounded by all of his loved people and of course, Dave.Over the past few weeks he has been slowly leaving us; we would walk a few steps and then he would lay down.Like in this pic from a walk last week.I would lift him, he would walk a few steps, then slowly drop to the floor and try to sleep again."

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Dave is the name of the couple's other rescue dog, a black Labrador cross.

The post continues, "It’s hard to describe the odd ball that Banjo was.He asked for nothing. From the outset. He always had his back turned to the wild world. He would seek out the nooks and crannies of a room and hide under tables and desks. He was rescued from a Puppy Mill back in 2009. I always wondered what had happened to him back then. When I saw him that first time at the adoption drive, all the other dogs were yapping and jumping up demanding to be adopted, but Banj was in the corner in a little heap with his body turned away and asleep. Tiny little rag doll."

It's hard to read their entire tribute without tearing up, you can just tell how much love they had in their hearts for this dog.

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the hardest things in life to go through, and our hearts just break for them. Moyer concluded his touching post by adding, "He was such a good good boy.So loved. So odd. And will be so so missed."

How To Heal After Losing a Pet

Here are just a few suggestions about how you can start to heal after saying goodbye to one of your much-loved and treasured furry family members.

Give yourself time to grieve. You won't feel better in a  day, or maybe even after years. It's normal to feel sad and miss your pet on occasion. Letting yourself feel this sadness is all part of the healing process.

Seek support from your family, friends, and even Internet pet loss groups. Talking about your feelings and sharing memories of your dog can be comforting and validating that you have every right to be sad.

Consider getting another pet or fostering a pet in need. Taking care of another pet that needs your help is a wonderful way to honor your pet who passed.

Finally, if you're really struggling to cope with your grief or finding it difficult to go about your daily life, consider seeking professional help from a counselor or therapist.

It's so hard, but in time it does get easier and your heart will break a little less each day.

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