Anitta Flaunts Her Chiseled Abs (And Tiny Butt Tattoo!) In A Thong swimsuit On IG

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Anitta Shows Off Her Strong Core In New swimsuit IGAlexander Tamargo - Getty Images

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  • Anitta showed off her strong core and toned butt while wearing a thong swimsuit in new Instagram photos and videos.

  • While the singer isn't a huge fan of exercising, she has a workout routine in place to stay healthy, which includes strength training and martial arts.

  • Food-wise, she follows a vegan diet and prefers cooking at home to eating at restaurants.

It’s no secret that Anitta works hard—after all, she didn't get named the best new artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards for just sitting around and doing nothing. Still, she recently made time for some well-deserved R&R. The 30-year-old singer just dropped an Instagram post that captured her time off, and it's kind of iconic.

First, there’s Anitta in a gorgeous purple-brown strapless swimsuit, leaning against a tree while showing off her toned abs and sculpted booty. Swipe throught the Instagram carousel, and you’ll see her tossing a rock into the water while showing off that core and flashing her butt (and tiny heart tattoo!) while swimming.

There’s even a video of Anitta dancing in the shade with her six-pack on display. "reviviría este día mil veces más 🤍✨," she wrote in the caption. That translates to: "I would relive this day a thousand times more."

It’s not shocking to see how strong all over Anitta is. I mean, her Instagram account is filled with pics like this:

But if you're wondering how Anitta stays so sculpted, well, she’s made it clear that she works hard for her strength.

While Annitta is not a huge fan of exercising, she still has a workout routine in place to allow her to perform well and be all-around healthy, she previously told Women’s Health in 2023.

That means doing a lot of strength training “particularly [of] the muscles [in the] legs, arms, back, and boom boom,” (a.k.a., her butt), she said. Anitta is also into yoga and Pilates. “Pilates helps so much with my back and [other] physical problems,” she shared.

Martial arts like Muay Thai or jiu-jitsu are also in the mix once a week, she said. But Anitta is also generally active in her everyday life, even when she’s not doing structured forms of exercise.

Check her out kicking around a soccer ball on a beach like a total pro on Instagram:

Anitta even hiked to Mount Everest’s base camp a year ago:

And if you’ve never seen her high-energy, heart rate-jumping performances, here’s just a small taste of what they look like:

Food-wise, the "Envolver" singer focuses on balance and follows a vegan diet, she told WH. “People look at my body and they say, ‘Oh no, you don’t eat the things you say you eat,’ but actually I do,” she said.

Anitta likes to kick her day off with a glass of celery juice. Then, she’ll have peanut butter-topped oatmeal pancakes, which are basically rolled oats and non-dairy milk cooked like a pancake. Yum!

Lunch is usually a salad with “either mushrooms, beans, or maybe sweet potatoes,” she shared. When dinnertime rolls around, Anitta said she’ll eat “whatever.” However, she usually cooks at home. If she goes out, “I need to be ready for pictures, and so it’s a whole process,” she shared.

Enjoy that time off, Anitta!

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