Animals Get Mullets in Kawasaki Super Bowl Ad and It's As Priceless As It Sounds

We always love the Super Bowl, not just for the game, but for all of the amazingly expensive commercials that companies buy ad space for in hopes that people will buy their goods and services. Someone once told me that for an ad to be really effective, you have to remember what brand was being advertised in the commercial. The Super Bowl ads are an entirely different animal because even if you don't remember what they're selling, at least you're (usually) entertained.

And speaking of animals, for this year's Super Bowl Kawasaki is promoting their side-by-side vehicle the Kawasaki Ridge, with a special guest appearance by wrestling legend Steve Austin and a whole bunch of animals... with mullets.

I have now decided that all turtles need to have mullets. It makes them look a lot more fun.

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This ad had a co-promo that started Tuesday, February 6th, and the first 15,000 fans who visited a website for the promo could register to receive a coupon for a free “business in the front, party in the back” haircut at any participating Great Clips salon in the U.S. and Canada. The promo sold out in seven hours.

There was no information on whether or not you could sign your pup up to receive a mullet haircut.

Other Famous Super Bowl Commercials That Featured Cute Animals

A perpetual favorite of big game viewers, last year the iconic Budweiser Clydesdale horses only had about 5 seconds of airtime during Budweiser's Super Bowl spot. This may have been due to a public outcry after Budweiser had been docking the tails of the beautiful horses. This was a sad mistake due to the fact that everyone always adores the Budweiser spots featuring the horses and puppies.

Dog food brand Farmer's Dog brought everyone to tears last year with an absolutely gorgeous spot that featured the lifetime of a beloved family dog from puppy-dom to his senior years. Just thinking about this commercial gets us all weepy.

Another favorite last year featured Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry for Bud Light, but the star of this spot was the couple's adorable French Bulldog, Bugsy.

In 2009, Pedigree dog food promoted their adoption drive with a hilarious spot that suggested people 'Get a dog' rather than the other exotic animals people had as pets in the commercial.

From 15 years ago, this Cat Herding spot from EDS is still one of the best Super Bowl spots featuring animals of all time.

Animals always make for a memorable Super Bowl commercial, and we can't wait to see what agencies come up with this year.

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