Animals Enjoy Eggcellent Easter Treats at London Zoo

Meerkats and squirrel monkeys at London Zoo took part in an Easter egg hunt, as the zoo awaits its reopening later in the month.

Zookeepers who have been working throughout lockdown painted papier-mache eggs filled with snacks for the animals to find.

“After what has felt like a particularly long winter, Easter is finally approaching and the warm weather has made a comeback, making it the perfect time to put on an egg hunt for the animals to enjoy,” said animal manager Angela Ryan.

“The squirrel monkeys were particularly keen on hunting for snacks inside their Easter baskets,” she said. “While there were plenty of treat-filled eggs to go round, that didn’t stop a few of the meerkats getting protective over their Easter hoard – something that may be familiar to other households this Sunday.”

Ryan said zoo staff are looking forward to reopening on April 12 after a “difficult year”. Credit: ZSL London Zoo via Storyful

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