Animal Shelter Throws Special 'Senior Prom' Event and Not One Pet Was Adopted

We can't understand why no one wants them.

Approximately 3.1 million dogs enter animal shelters every year, and often times senior dogs are overlooked for their younger counterparts. There are so many pros to adopting an older dog - their personalities are more developed. They have outgrown destructive puppy behaviors like chewing everything in sight. And senior dogs deserve to live their golden years in a loving home where they can get the care and companionship they deserve. Shelters that go out of their way to highlight these older dogs with fun events always hold a special place in our hearts, and it's always so sad when these efforts go unrewarded.

Check out this sweet event that TikTok user @Adoptmas had for their dogs ages five years and up and explain to us why not one person gave a home to these beautiful babies.

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TikTok users are heartbroken over this, and @Phil comments, "I'm thankful they still had fun, this makes me sad tho, just cause they're older doesn't mean they don't deserve all the love." @Embarkdogdna adds, "What a beautiful idea. Paws crossed they graduate to their forever homes soon." @Mika says, "I’ve adopted 2 senior dogs and they’ve been the best. One of them we got at 12 and he lived until 19.5! Don’t pass on seniors." @Jamie replies, "Oh man, I know how disappointing that feels. You all are doing amazing things for these babies! Keep up the great work!"

Check out this sweet video of the pups "slow dancing" outside.

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If you are interested in meeting one of these adoptable older pups, you can find information about the application process by visiting the Memphis Animal Services website here. If you are looking to add a new furry friend to your family, please consider giving a senior dog a home. Despite their age, senior dogs make wonderful companions and deserve to spend their golden years in a loving home.

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