Angler Rescues Fish From Flooded Car Park Before Releasing It Into Nearby River

A local angler from Cornwall came to the rescue of a large salmon stranded in a car park on December 18, capturing it by hand before returning it to a nearby river.

In footage by Ellie Robertson, Chris Bird can be seen catching the fish in the car park of Trago Mills, a retailer in Liskeard.

“I saw something in my headlights, and I was pretty surprised to say the least to see a salmon in the east car park,” Bird told ITV News

“When I approached it, the fish tried to swim back but couldn’t get through the fence which it had somehow squeezed through,” he added.

After plucking the fish from the water, however, Bird was able to carry it to a bridge over the River Fowey and release it. Credit: Ellie Robertson via Storyful