Angelica Arnold | The 2022 MAKERS Conference

Angelica Arnold at the 2022 MAKERS Conference.

Video Transcript

- Please welcome MAKERS team member Angelica Arnold.

ANGELICA ARNOLD: All right. Thank you for that warm welcome. Can we give another hand for this last panel?


Yeah. So my name is Angelica Arnold, and I'm the program and community manager for MAKERS, which means I've been in contact with probably all of you in the last couple of weeks via email or possibly, the newsletter I write. That's a shameless plug. I'm honored to be here with you at my first MAKERS conference.


So, I'd like to take a moment to recognize a group of people who have powered this event, uplift makers all year long, our advisory board. So, if you're on the board, I'm going to ask you to stand so we can show you some love. You can raise your hand or stand. Thank you all. It's been lovely to spend time with you and learn from you.

So, as I'm listening to our incredible speakers, I thought about the ways I've made young Angelica proud at how I'm making the future. I grew up a huge basketball fan, very tall, and I really wanted to play in the WNBA. But at this point, I will not be joining the league. But I've seen it evolve into a platform that tells unique stories of strength, determination, and inclusion. Like many of you, I want to make a future that is healthy and supportive for folks of all backgrounds, experiences, and journeys. And like Deja was saying, a great way to ensure your voice is heard is to vote. Election day is coming up for many of us.

Register Her is a national nonprofit whose mission is to register and activate women to vote by meeting them where they are in their communities. Register Her has launched unique programs to facilitate voter education through social service workers who reach tens of thousands of women clients during the year, and with young women on college campuses. So take a look inside your gift bags to find out more about Register Her's important work.

With that, I hope you'll join me in recognizing our collective power in spreading the word, whether posting on social media-- like Ron suggested earlier-- or making a connection here that will lead to action tomorrow.