Angela Kinsey from The Office Shared With Us The Treats Her Cats Love

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<p>Adam Hendershott</p>

Adam Hendershott

Best known for her role as Angela Martin, the cat-obsessed head of Accounting at Dunder Mifflin, The Office actor Angela Kinsey has been a feline aficionado for as long as she can remember.

“My crazy cats keep me up but they are also just so fun,” Kinsey told The Spruce Pets. “Cats are wonderful companions and I’ve always had cats around—I think I always will.”

Kinsey, who shares her Los Angeles home with her husband, actor Joshua Synder, three kids, and two Chihuahua mixes, fully accepts that her two cats, Oreo and Snickers rule the house. “They are sisters with very different personalities. Oreo is a lady of mischief who has a lot to say early in the morning, and Snickers is a cuddly lovebug that likes to sleep by my head.”

March is National Sleep Awareness Month, and Kinsey has partnered with Blue Buffalo to offer up healthy sleep solutions for cat parents, since cats are often awake and active at night. This can be disruptive to sleep, but you can also minimize how much your cat bothers you at night by ensuring that they are fed and content.

It also helps to provide them with opportunities to exercise during the day, especially if you can wear them out before your own bedtime. Kinsey's cats Oreo and Snickers love to nap together on a chair, but she has a few ways to get them up and active.

“The cats love the Blue Buffalo treats so much that if you just shake the bag they will come running,” Kinsey said. “You’ll never see Snickers run faster than when she hears the bag of treats open, and Oreo has figured out how to open the treat drawer so we have to make sure it's completely closed.”

Blue Buffalo Bursts With Paw-Licken Chicken Cat Treats

Blue Buffalo Bursts With Paw-Licken Chicken Cat Treats have a crunchy outer layer and a creamy middle. They are made in the United States and are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. But while treats can be used to motivate exercise and minimize catnaps, minor adjustments to how you serve your cat's main meals can also secure you a couple of extra zzzs.

“Both cats really love Blue Tastefuls cat food, and in the automatic feeder we have Chicken & Brown Rice or Salmon & Brown Rice because Oreo loves them, and I feel good about giving it to my cats, because it has protein and it’s all natural.”

Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Adult Indoor Cat Dry Food

Blue Tastefuls Adult Indoor Cat Food is made with real meat as the first ingredient. High-quality and complete nutrition includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, in addition to both macro- and micro-nutrients. There's no corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-product meals either.

Blue Buffalo's Blue Tastefuls line offers wet food as well, available in cans or handy "Singles"—individually portioned plastic cups with peel-off lids.

All Blue Tastefuls wet cat foods have a high moisture content to help cats stay hydrated. The Blue Tastefuls Tender Morsels of Chicken in Savory Sauce recipe gives cats real pieces of chicken in every serving.  And Tender Morsels contains no soy, corn, or wheat, which is often added to wet foods as a thickening agent.

Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Tender Morsels Wet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Spoonless Singles Wet Cat Food

By timing a convenient feeding closer to your own bedtime, your cat will stay satiated longer, making it less likely that they're nuzzling your face for attention before your alarm goes off.

But no matter how late they eat a serving of food, hungry cats in the morning are an inevitability. This makes it important to stick to a consistent schedule, so your cats develop a sense of exactly when breakfast will be served, and learn that bothering you won't make it come any sooner.

Of course, maintaining a consistent schedule can be made easier with a little assistance. The Kinsey-Synder household is able to catch a few extra moments of sleep thanks to an automatic feeder.

“My husband found a feeder with a timer that will shoot out a little bit of Blue Tastefuls Indoor Cat Food for Oreo to have her early morning snack,” Kinsey told The Spruce Pets.

Our own preferred automatic feeder is the Whisker Feeder-Robot, which we named our best overall after testing 13 different models.

Whisker Feeder-Robot

Following the Kinsey example, you too can align your sleep schedule a little closer to your cat's routines. By minimizing their naps, maximizing their exercise, and providing consistently-timed meals, you and your cats might finally have a peaceful night—unless they decide to start knocking things off the dresser, that is.