Angela Griffin's daughter had to film her mum and dad in a very awkward position for new web series

Angela Griffin has enlisted the help of her eldest daughter Tallulah while filming a drama in lockdown
Angela Griffin has enlisted the help of her eldest daughter Tallulah while filming a drama in lockdown

Tallulah Milligan, 15, looks set to follow her actress mum, Angela Griffin, into show business. She’s already starred in children’s TV show The Worst Witch and now she’s proving herself just as handy behind the camera.

Angela is one of several actresses currently starring in Dun Breedin’, an online show currently being shot in lockdown.

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Written by Benidorm actress Julie Graham, the current situation has meant that the stars of the show have had to recruit their family members to help film it. Speaking on White Wine Question Time, Julie says that some family members have shown some film-making talent.

“Angela's brilliant. I have to say their rushes are great,” she told podcast host Kate Thornton.

“She's got her daughter Tallulah, who is a budding filmmaker, who is experimenting with all these shots and other things. It's great because we might have a little budding kind of Sofia Coppola.”

Filming your mum and dad, Jason Milligan, also an actor, isn’t without its moments though. Spare a thought for Tallulah who had to film a scene of her mother receiving oral sex.

On being told the story, podcast host Kate laughed, saying “That's homeschooling, isn't it?”

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Tamzin Outhwaite, who also appears in the drama, told Kate that she’d had a similar situation with her daughter, Florence, aged 11, when it came to shooting a scene with her boyfriend, both on and off screen, Tom Child.

“We did a scene the other day when Tom says to me, 'You need an orgasm',” she recalled.

“Flo was going to shoot it and we ended up just putting it on the tripod. Saying lines like that, I'm then going to have to spend an hour explaining straight after, and then we've lost an hour of the light.”

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