Andy Dwyer's getting the band back together

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Mouse Rat performing “5000 Candles In The Wind” at Li’l Sebastian’s memorial service.
Mouse Rat performing “5000 Candles In The Wind” at Li’l Sebastian’s memorial service.

The Parks and Recreation universe continues to expand into 2021 with the release of the debut album from previously fictional garage band Mouse Rat, fronted by resident goofball Andy Dwyer, played by Chris Pratt. Dualtone has teamed up with Entertainment 720 to release the band’s debut LP, The Awesome Album, which hits shelves on August 27.

If Entertainment 720 sounds familiar, it’s the fictional media conglomerate run into the ground by Tom Haverford (played by Aziz Ansari) and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein during the fourth season of the series. Dualtone on the other hand, is a very real Americana and folk record label based out of Nashville, TN. Dualtone President Paul Roper had this to say about their partnership with Haverford and 720 Entertainment: “Any creative business coming out of Pawnee is tied to Haverford. From Rent-a-Swag to Tommy Fresh cologne and Tom’s Bistro, not to mention his business ideas not yet formed like the scented phone, talking tissues, contact lenses that display text messages and the glitter-infused laundry detergent Sparkle Suds, partnering with Entertainment 720’s hype machine was essential. The man is an idea factory.” Mouse Rat’s 15-track album will feature vocals by Chris Pratt with special appearances by the suave saxophonist Duke Silver (aka Ron Swanson aka Nick Offerman) and fictional band Land Ho!, fronted by Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy.

They even got Channel 4’s Perd Hapley, the host of “Ya Heard? With Perd,” to announce the release of their first single “5000 Candles In The Wind (Bye, Bye Lil Sebastian).”

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Ten years ago, the band played “5000 Candles In The Wind (Bye, Bye Lil Sebastian)” at the funeral for hometown hero and mini horse Li’l Sebastian. This first single is the “bedrock” of the album, and is available on streaming services everywhere. Many other tracks were first heard on the sitcom, including “The Pit,” “Sex Hair,” and “Catch Your Dream.” Preorders for the album are now available.

The Awesome Album tracklist:

1. 5,000 Candles in the Wind (Bye, Bye Lil Sebastian)

2. The Pit

3. Sex Hair

4. Catch Your Dream (feat. Duke Silver)

5. Two Birds Holding Hands

6. Ann Song

7. The Way You Look Tonight

8. Menace Ball

9. Remember

10. I Get A Kick Out Of You

11. Lovely Tonight

12. I’ve Got You Under My Skin

13. I Only Have Eyes For You

14. Pickled Ginger (performed by Land Ho!)

15. Cold Water (Scott Tanner feat. Duke Silver)