Amy Schumer wears 'iconic' tampon costume for first Halloween post-hysterectomy

Some folks spend Halloween dressed as blood-sucking vampires. Amy Schumer, meanwhile, is going as a tampon this year.

Just a little over a month since having her uterus and appendix removed to help combat her painful endometriosis, the comedian turned her personal health into a punchline by wearing a bright blue Tampax tampon costume, complete with a tail-like string, for Halloween.

"I don't have a uterus, but nothing can stop me from wearing Tampax, OK?" the 40-year-old star quips in a video posted to her Instagram account. Schumer, mom to 2-year-old son Gene, appeared to be trick-or-treating on a New York City street for the bit.

While Schumer has appeared in a Tampax campaign in the past, it's unclear if her costume is a sponsored stunt or simply a nod to her recent hysterectomy or both; resharing the Trainwreck star's post, the social media account for Tampax responded, "When @AmySchumer told us she was going to be a bloodsucker for Halloween, this is not what we were expecting..." The company also featured a similar tampon Halloween costume on Instagram earlier in the week.

Either way, fans are loving the "iconic" look, hailed as the "bloodiest costume in the game" by musical duo Gracie and Rachel.

'Love you so much!" commented Padma Lakshmi, who has been candid about her own struggle with endometriosis.

Last month, Schumer shared footage from her hospital room during her procedure, during which her doctor is said to have found and removed "30 spots of endometriosis," including her appendix.

Endometriosis, which affects one in 10 women of reproductive age worldwide, is a disorder in which tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. It typically results in pain and discomfort particularly during sex, menstruation or urination.

Schumer previously told the Informed Pregnancy podcast that her endometriosis complicated her 2019 delivery with Gene.

"I was throwing up through the whole first hour of my C-section," she shared. "It's supposed to take about an hour and a half or something but mine took over three hours because of my endometriosis."

Schumer also referenced her hysterectomy while protesting for abortion rights earlier this month alongside pregnant pal Jennifer Lawrence.

"I don't have a uterus and she is pregnant but we out here," she posted.

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