Moms scold Amy Schumer for returning to stand-up 2 weeks after giving birth: 'I've always wanted to be mom-shamed!'

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There’s no rest for the weary — at least in Amy Schumer’s case. Just a little over two weeks after giving birth to her first child, son Gene, the comedian has returned to the stand-up circuit.

The new mom performed at the Comedy Cellar in New York City Monday night. She later posted a photo from her set and told fans “I’m back.”

While Schumer’s re-emergence so soon after childbirth has impressed many friends and fans — “you can’t keep a good woman down!” read one comment — it’s all giving the 37-year-old her first real taste of mom shaming.

Some fans are now giving the Trainwreck star grief for not taking more time off — though Monday’s set may be just a one-off gig and rare night off from mama duties rather than a full return to work.

“Already???? That’s insane!!! And inhumane. Contract or not you need to be allowed at least six weeks for maternity,” wrote one concerned fan.

“Ugh why are you working so soon?!” a commenter added.

“Our bodies need time to rest and our babies crave us because all they have known is us,” added another follower. “It’s the fourth trimester, I hope you don’t have to work anymore. Take this time to bond and heal and settle into this new avenue in life! You’ll have the rest of your life to work and this new time with your little one won’t happen again...”

“Like, I can still smell your placenta,” joked a commenter. “Take a d**n break FFS.”

But others supported Schumer’s decision to step back into the spotlight. Some argued that getting back into her comedy groove could be beneficial to the first-time parent’s mental wellbeing.

“This just in: Woman gives birth, then within weeks leaves the house and stands up for 30 mins. surrounded by friends making people laugh. The horror. Call CPS,” read one comment.

“Well, way to make the rest of us mommas look bad. Get it girl!!!” added a fan.

“What rest? Are you kidding me? I had nobody to clean and cook for me, go grocery shopping, to take my kids to school, to activities, etc., “ a fellow mom chimed in. “Three kids, one them a newborn. That's life. You just put on your cape and do what you have to do. Besides, work helps with postpartum depression, too. Amy, you're amazing. Rock on.”

Schumer, meanwhile, seems to be shrugging off any controversy. When writer (and wife of Jimmy Kimmel) Molly McNearney commented “here comes the mom shaming ... ughhhhhhhhhhh,” the comedian quipped, “I’ve always wanted to be mom-shamed!!!!!”

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