Amy Grant’s daughter pays touching tribute to mother as she recovers from brutal bike accident

Singer Amy Grant’s daughter, Corrina Grant Gill, shared a sweet musical tribute to her mother after she was hospitalised due to a biking accident.

During his residency at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium on Saturday, Grant’s husband Vince Gill brought Corrina on stage to perform the song “When Amy Prays,” which he wrote for his wife. He then went on to address the 61-year-old’s recent accident, which saw her admitted to Vanderbilt Hospital after she fell while cycling with a friend on 27 July.

“We haven’t been doing [the song] much, but because of her accident and everything she’s been going through we’ve been thinkin’ a lot about her, and I thought how sweet it would be for her youngest to sing the song I wrote for her,” he told the audience, as heard in a video of the show shared on Grant’s Facebook page.

Throughout her performance, Corrina made a heartwarming change to the tune, as she replaced the lyrics of the chorus from “when my Amy prays” to “when my mama prays”.

In the comments of the video, fans praised the 21-year-old’s tribute and honoured Grant, as she’s in the midst of recovering.

“Corrina is precious, Amy and Vince,” one wrote. “What emotion she puts into her singing just like you both always do. I cried like a baby listening to this incredible performance.”

“So beautifully done!!” another added. “Praying for Amy as she recovers! May God bring complete healing to her body!! God bless!!”

On Saturday, Gill also “informed the crowd that Amy was getting better every day after a bike crash last week that left her unconscious for about 10 minutes and with a concussion (along with various cuts and bruises)”.

After Gill’s weekend performance, a representative for Grant told Billboard that the “Baby, Baby” singer was “making progress every day”, before opening up about the accident and her recovery process.

“As Vince has announced during his concerts at the Ryman, she has a concussion and has needed a lot, a lot of downtime and peace and quiet to recover,” the representative said. “When she hit the pothole she was thrown from her bike and hit her head hard and was knocked out for about 10 [minutes] before being transported to the hospital by ambulance. Every day she gets stronger and more alert/energetic.”