Amid Multiple Shark Attacks and Encounters, Oahu Surfers Are on High Alert (Video)

They don’t call it “sharktober” for nothin’.

Following a spate of shark attacks (on Kauai and Oahu), in addition to multiple encounters (like a tiger shark cruising through Ala Moana Bowls), surfers in Hawaii are being urged to keep an eye out and be on high alert for continued shark activity.

“October is known to be the season for most shark sightings and incidents in Hawaii,” says a reporter from KITV, “and it looks like this month is hitting the peak.”

Speaking of the attack at Pua’ena Point, KITV continued:

“Witnesses here say it was a baby tiger shark no more than six feet long that attacked the man. He was taking surf lessons and is a visitor from Spain. Surf coaches say they saw that exact shark earlier this week, and they always recommend whenever you see a shark, paddle in.”

Longtime North Shore surfer and surf instructor Bryan Surratt said:

“They’re always here. We see them all the time. But it’s really rare that somebody got bit right here.”

Aiana Kane, another surf instructor, continued:

“If you’re out surfing and you see one. Usually if they’re in the shoreline, it’s not for a good reason. They don’t come in [this close] unless they’re hungry.”

According to Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources, there’s been five shark attacks in the islands so far this year.

Shark attacks this year in Hawaii.<p>KITV</p>
Shark attacks this year in Hawaii.


So, stay vigilant. If you see a shark, paddle in. Stay safe.


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