'American Horror Story' Season 11 Cast, Release Date, Plot and More—Plus Who's Not Returning

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American Horror Story Season 11 has been cloaked in mystery since it was first announced, but we're finally getting some details about the new installment of the spooky anthology series, including the AHS Season 11 cast.

So far, details are still somewhat scarce, but AHS fans speculate that AHS will take place sometime in the 1970s based on costumes castmembers have been spotted wearing, with some American Horror Story heads guessing that the Son of Sam may play a role.

Read on to find out everything we know so far about the American Horror Story Season 11 cast, release date, plot, trailer and more.

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Will there be a Season 11 of American Horror Story?

Indeed, Season 11 of American Horror Story is on the way. The show is currently in production, and fans spotted the cast filming AHS Season 11 in August 2022. The show will also see two more seasons after Season 11, after which it remains to be seen whether it will be renewed for a 14th season.

Where was AHS Season 11 filmed?

Photographs have revealed that at least some of AHS Season 11 is being filmed in New York City's West Village neighborhood. However, there is likely quite a bit of the show that will also be filmed in and around Los Angeles as well.

Was AHS canceled?

Not yet! As of this writing in August 2022, American Horror Story is still going strong. The show has been renewed through Season 13. Whether it gets picked up for more seasons after that remains to be seen, but closing the book on the series in a 13th season may well be a pretty good way to go out!

Where can I watch Season 11 of AHS?

You can watch AHS Season 11 on FX when it airs. You can also stream the show on demand or on Hulu the next day, or same-day if you have Hulu+ Live TV.

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Who is in the American Horror Story Season 11 cast?

The full cast of American Horror Story Season 11 has yet to be announced, but we do know the following new stars will appear:

Sandra Bernhard

Charlie Carver

Joe Mantello

Lee Aaron Rosen

Russell Tovey

The following cast members from previous seasons of AHS will return for Season 11:

Rebecca Dayan

Nico Greetham

Billie Lourd

Patti LuPone

Isaac Powell

Zachary Quinto

Sarah Paulson has revealed she wouldn't be in Season 11, explaining that she is taking a break from American Horror Story as a whole. "It's not that I'm not open to it," she told Variety in August 2022. "I'm always open to it, but I feel like I've been doing it for a long time, and people might start getting sick of me in that world. Let someone else scream and run and cry for a second. Other people can do that too!"

When is AHS Season 11 coming out?

Though no AHS Season 11 release date has yet been announced, IMDb has the show listed as premiering on Oct. 17, 2022. So far, heads of the series have only said that it will air sometime in fall 2022.

What's the new American Horror Story called?

The new season of American Horror Story hasn't had its title officially revealed just yet, but IMDb has Season 11's first three episode titles. They are, in order:

AHS Season 11, Episode 1: "Something's Coming"

AHS Season 11, Episode 2: "Thank You For Your Service"

AHS Season 11, Episode 3: "Smoke Signals"

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