American Girl's New "Historical" Doll Is from the 1980s, and I Feel Old

Samantha Vincenty
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Photo credit: American Girl
Photo credit: American Girl

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  • American Girl has revealed their latest "historical character" doll, Courtney Moore, available online now.

  • Courtney hails from 1986, with accessories that include Care Bears pajamas, a Walkman, and acid-washed denim.

  • Here's what we know about American Girl's Courtney and her 1980s accessories.

Toymaker American Girl first became famous for its line of historically-themed premium dolls. On September 15, the company debuted its latest: Meet Courtney Moore, a totally rad 8 year old who hails from 1986. Yes, you heard that right; the company that brought you historical characters from the Civil War era (Addy Walker), 1944 (Molly McIntire), and the 18th century (Kaya) is now teaching children what the ancient 1980s were like. Anyone else feel one bajillion years old right now?

"Time to go back to the ’80s! Grab a pocketful of quarters, meet us at the arcade, and get ready to change the game with our newest historical character, Courtney Moore," American Girl announced in a September 15 tweet. Courtney has a head full of golden ringlets—big hair, befitting of her era—and dresses the way any '80s kid would, if they had unfettered access to every single trend of the decade. She comes with a pink scrunchie, an acid-washed skirt, a crop top that says "Totally Cool" and teeny white booties. Radical! Her accompanying book is titled Courtney Changes the Game.

As with every American Girl doll, the accessories are exquisite. Courtney's 13-piece wardrobe and accessories include a splatter-print dress, cool watch and belt bag (we called that a fanny pack in my day) and even miniature Lisa Frank-esque school supplies.

The most covet-worthy toys may be Courtney's Care Bears™ Sleeping Bag Set (complete with a wee Care Bear!) and the working Courtney-sized Pac-Man arcade game, which will set you back $149.00. Her Sleepover Accessory Set is another highlight, featuring a boombox with itty-bitty tapes to insert. Wait, is it weird if a grown woman who grew up in the 1980s plays with dolls? It is? Cool, cool, I was just kidding anyway. Unless you were kidding?

In keeping with American Girls tradition, Courtney's stories will touch on the history of the day. According to a press release from Mattel (of which the doll company is a subsidiary), "Courtney’s story reflects the pop culture of the decade from sky-high hair, neon-colored fashions, music television, and video gaming to major historical moments surrounding women in government and space exploration, as well as larger cultural shifts around blended families and emerging technology."

To underscore their celebration of Courtney as a young gamer, American Girl has partnered with Girls Who Code, a nonprofit aiming to close the tech world's gender gap. The company will match customer's donations up to $50,000 from now until December 31, 2020. They'll also sponsor $5,000 scholarships for "four deserving Girls Who Code members to help further their education in computer science or a related field."

Ultimately, introducing 1986 American Girl doll does make sense—but more than a few Twitter users were initially stung by the "historical character" wording. Check out a few funny reactions to American Girl's Courtney doll below.

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