Woman removed from American Airlines flight after smashing laptop on partner's head

Mahira Dayal
Woman removed from American Airlines flight after smashing laptop on partner's head
Woman removed from American Airlines flight after smashing laptop on partner's head

A couple traveling together was removed from a plane after they had a loud, disruptive argument, in which the woman “Hulk-smashed” a laptop on the man’s head, furious that he was looking at “other women.”

The American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles on Sunday was still at the gate in Miami International Airport when the fight broke out. A passenger recorded part of the fight, and the video quickly went viral on Twitter.

The Twitter user, Julia Scorupco, told Yahoo Lifestyle that she did not actually take the video. A different woman on the flight — whose identity is unknown — AirDropped it to her and her brother.

The video shows part of the feud beginning with the couple arguing loudly while still seated.

“You want to try to f***ing look at other women, n*****? Nah, f*** you,” the woman told the man.

A flight attendant is seen trying to dissolve the situation, and asked the woman not to swear because there was a child seated right behind the couple. She responded “Yeah I know, I f***ing consoled the f***ing child.”

According to Scorupco, the woman consoled a child who was crying on the flight before the argument broke out.

However, the fight continued, with the man intervening to say, “You’re going out of control.” He eventually stood up to leave and pushed past her, saying she was “assaulting” him.

At this point, the woman followed him and smashed a laptop on his head, which invited screams from the rest of the passengers on the plane.

Miami-Dade Police Department has identified the woman as “Mrs. McLemore,” and told Yahoo Lifestyle the couple was on a connecting flight to Los Angeles from Ecuador.

As McLemore continued to push past flight attendants to make her way through the plane, a steward warned her that she’d be “charged with assault.” She remained unfazed, and responded, “Fine, whatever.”

However, police officials say that McLemore walked away after de-boarding the plane, and a search for her “yielded negative results.” They added that she didn’t answer her phone, and the man she assaulted “refused to write a statement and was uncooperative.”

People on Twitter took issue with the fact that the couple was apparently seated in an emergency exit row, which could have been dangerous.

Others pointed out the two men seated a row ahead of the feuding couple, were the “real MVPs” for keeping a straight face and sitting patiently through the dramatic ordeal.

A spokesperson for American Airlines sent a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle in which they wrote, “We thank the American crew who worked quickly to defuse the situation. Their actions resulted in a safe environment for all of our passengers.”

Scorupco confirmed this, adding that she “didn’t feel in danger at any point because the flight attendants were standing around the couple.”

“At the end of the day, I have no true idea what prompted the situation, or how they treat one another in private — so I am not one to judge,” Scorupco told Yahoo Lifestyle. “But, she did say a lot of hurtful and racist things about him and his upbringing, background and heritage — most of which wasn’t recorded, so it was hard to watch. And of course, there’s absolutely no excuse for physical abuse.”

The Miami-Dade Police Department says that while the man has been rebooked for a later flight by American Airlines, it is uncertain whether the airline will rebook McLemore.

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