These Are the Small Towns Americans Love Most

By Katrina Brown Hunt

Lyn Mettler lives in Indianapolis, but she’s partial to Aspen. “It’s a hippy-chic town with some of the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the Rockies,” says the travel blogger, who visits regularly. “I love to stroll through Aspen, have dinner, and stop by the park, where you’re just as likely to see a struggling musician honing his skills for cash as you are to see a member of the rich and famous hiding behind sunglasses.”

That mix of glam appeal and down-to-earth authenticity helped Aspen place in the top 10 of towns among Travel + Leisure readers. In the latest America’s Favorite Places survey, readers ranked more than 175 cities and towns in dozens of categories, such as live music, bookstores, brunch spots, and even the enthusiasm of local sports fans.

When we analyzed the 25 top-ranking small towns—those with fewer than 50,000 residents—we found a fascinating mix of ski resorts, beach communities, and college towns with history and quirky charm.

Here are the 10 towns that ranked the highest.

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