Oh Beautiful! Check Out The Most Stunning Waterfalls in America

Have you ever walked up to a waterfall and thought, “Gee, this thing is hideous?” No? That’s because up there with the law of gravity, pretty waterfalls are an inviolable law of the universe (Just take our word for it. It’s true.)

And here in America we certainly do have our share of beauts. Every state has impressive waterfalls that stand out in their own unique way — even in pancake-flat Kansas.

Some seem like they got lost on their way to the set of the next “Avatar” film, and some you may recognize from movies already made. And there’s one — Niagara Falls — which is basically the Meryl Streep of American waterfalls. We all know she’s the best, and she’s so low-key about her overall amazingness that she doesn’t care if she wins one more accolade. So instead, here on this list of the most beautiful waterfalls in America, you’ll find 12 others that are just the best.