Amelia Gray Hamlin Teams Up With Motorola Razr+ to ‘Flip the Script’

Motorola’s Razr is out to make fashion statements.

Having bridged the gap between fashion and technology unlike many others, Motorola continues to put its smartphone in the hands of some of the most talked about women in fashion, entertainment and music. From actress Julia Garner to Grammy-winning pop star Kim Petras and now runway model Amelia Gray Hamlin, the company chooses collaborators to inspire and empower the next generation of like-minded challengers.

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Hamlin, who has been in numerous fashion runways and campaigns in recent years, including DKNY’s fall campaign, is the company’s latest tour-de-force in its “Flip the Script” campaign, which celebrates fashion, creativity and challenging the norm. The campaign uses Hamlin’s unapologetic individuality and fashion-forward style to embrace Razr+’s trendy, colorful aesthetic and shines a light on how it is delivering technology for the style-obsessed.

In conversation, Hamlin told WWD that with every collaboration and partnership she commits to she has to “really believe in it and feel a personal use or love and appreciation for it.”

Because Motorola was her first phone (a black Razr with red accents and “Womanizer” by Britney Spears set as the ringtone) this partnership felt right and even a bit nostalgic. “It’s kind of like Razr and Motorola, we grew up together,” she said. “It really holds a close place to my heart. I really love what they’ve done with the reiteration, and I truly believe in it. I’m really excited to be representing it and using it and telling the world about it.”

Her new Razr+ is baby blue, which she says “makes her happy.”

“I’ve seen how much time and studying the Mororola team has done with trends and the newest generation of smartphones as a whole and how they’ve pioneered that and incorporated their iconic Razr flip phone today,” Hamlin said. “I just think the entire concept is so fun and makes so much sense.”

One of Hamlin’s favorite features of the phone is the mirror setting mode on the camera, which she uses for its effects. Some of the effects are reminiscent of Y2K fashion which she says gives her dopamine and compares to using Tamagotchi in the 2000s as an accessory.

As a fashion accessory, Hamlin explains that the Razr+ is personal and practical. Reflecting on the ease of slipping the foldable phone into a bag or pocked she said, “sometimes the best accessories are those that are not seen, and this is pretty easy to either be seen or to hide.”

Amelia Gray Hamlin wearing Marc Jacobs with her Motorila Razr+ at Glamour’s 2023 Women of the Year awards.
Amelia Gray Hamlin wearing Marc Jacobs with her Motorila Razr+ at Glamour’s 2023 Women of the Year awards.

Important to Hamlin, she said, is Motorola’s DNA, which strives for meaningful innovation and transformation of the way that people discover, share and connect while bringing accessibility and inclusivity to all. “I’m so honored to have been chosen to represent such an incredible brand that also rings very true to the things that I believe in and stand for,” she said. “Motorola’s core is really beautiful. I’m excited and I love that the branding is about flipping the script and individuality. It’s very me, right now, in this moment.”

According to Hamlin, her whole career has been about flipping the script, which to her means “doing everything and anything that everyone else isn’t doing. I think that it’s very similar with what Motorola has done with this new iteration of a smartphone. It’s very much on the same path as what everyone else is doing, but then the script has been flipped quite exponentially and nobody else can copy or replace. And I think that that is what being an individual is right? Just being yourself. Nobody else can copy it or take that away from you and yet also aligning with what society has already decided for us.”

It’s been an inspiring partnership, she told WWD, and as she looks at her own life and career, Hamlin said she hopes to have a similar trajectory where she has relevance in a very positive way.

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