Amber Rose Pulls a Kim Kardashian, But The Two Are More Similar Than You Would Think

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian take to Instagram to show off their assets. Photos: @amberrose/Instagram and @kimkardashian/Instagram

Amber Rose—the model/designer/musician/ex of rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa—posted photos of herself on Instagram over the weekend in a string monokini, which literally left nothing to the imagination. Was she trying to “break the Internet?” That’s already been done, sweetie. This level of overexposure has become de rigueur, but it did remind us of a very similar snap that Kim Kardashian posted not that long ago. It turns out that Kayne is not the only thing that these two women have in common…

Beyond their shared lovers (aside from West, the pair have reportedly both dated Reggie Bush and Nick Cannon), the first coincidence is that both Kardashian and Rose were born on October 21.The former in Los Angeles in 1980, and the latter being introduced to the world 3 years later in South Philadelphia. (If you believe in astrology, perhaps it’s not so surprising that their lives have taken such similar turns?)

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While Kardashian comes from a privileged background, her first foray into the fame game was as Paris Hilton’s assistant/stylist. It was from Paris that she would learn how a sex tape could catapult one’s career. Kardashian’s “leaked” tape with Ray J (better known as singer Brandy’s little brother) hit in 2007. Rose also made her mark in films—most notably gyrating in various music videos like Ludacris’s “What Them Girls Like.” It was here where she first met West. The two would embark on a two-year relationship that allegedly came to an end after the rapper started dating Kardashian.

Rose and Kardashian have both done shoots inspired by photographer Jean-Paul Goode’s iconic images. Top, an outtake from Rose’s ‘Complex’ magazine shoot, below, Kardashian’s now infamous ‘Paper’ magazine cover.

Both Rose and Kardashian gave birth to their first children in 2013. Rose also married a rapper named Wiz Khalifa, but the pair didn’t last. The women even have similar taste in photographers: Rose has posed in the same style of Grace Jones’s Island Life album cover which was originally taken by Jean-Paul Goode. Kardashian worked with Goode for her infamous Paper magazine cover story which was also a replica of his 1970s-era photographs.

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Interestingly—or sadly, depending on how you look at it—many women these days are looking to Kim for inspiration on how to become famous (even in a controversial manner). But both of these Libras have figured out how to make their bodies work in their favor, and both followed a similar path that has led them to fame, fortune, and Kanye West.