Amazon's Having a Secret Sale on the MacBook Air Right Now - It's $100 Off!

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Photo credit: Katie Buckleitner
Photo credit: Katie Buckleitner

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Not to sound dramatic, but the most devastating breakups I've ever had are with my laptops. One of them was stolen (don't wanna talk about it), and the other slowly died after years of being my number-one companion. (Not even regular reboots could keep it going.) And, as if that initial breakup didn't sting enough, rebounding with a new computer is $$$.

If you're going through this rn, first, I'm so sorry. Second, Amazon is currently offering $100 off Apple's 2020 MacBook Air laptop. In case you've been living under a rock that doesn't have a Genius Bar—Apple is known for making user-friendly (and surprisingly sexy) laptops.

Naturally, last year's MacBook Air is no exception. Clocking in at 13 inches, this light-as-air laptop will fit nicely in your work tote. (Plus, its gold, silver, and space gray colorways are all on sale, so you won't have to sacrifice your style for a good deal.)

Of course, this laptop is a lot more than just a pretty face. It also features an 18-hour battery life, backlit keyboard, and HD camera so you can FaceTime with your fam. And, if you wanna get v technical, the 8GB of unified memory, 8-core CPU, and signature M1 chip make this a laptop that's built to last. We love a long-term relationship.

A great laptop might be essential for most, but they ain't cheap. And, more times than not, a MacBook Air will come with four-digit price tag. But, right now, Amazon's selling last year's model for $900. Um, hello, I'm sold.

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