Amazon's Black Friday Sale Has the Ninja Foodi for Over $100 Off

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Photo credit: Courtesy of retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of retailer

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It's official: Amazon's Black Friday sale has arrived, and there are discounts on virtually everything imaginable. And, though you're probably still full from last night's feast, there are a bunch of great deals on kitchen appliances. Topping our list is Ninja's Foodi.

In case you're unfamiliar, Ninja is known for making gadgets with your convenience—and more importantly, your food's taste factor—in mind. Naturally, the Foodi is no exception. This multi-purpose pressure cooker can steam, sauté, sear, and slow cook your food to your recipe's desire. And, thanks to its generous eight-quart capacity, you'll have ample food for all your guests. (Eating solo? That just means you'll be in no shortage of leftovers.)

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But, what's really cool about Ninja's Foodi is that it also acts as an air fryer. This pick uses a special TenderCrisp technology, which will cook your food quickly to lock in juices and give them a crispy finish. Though the Foodi normally costs $250, Amazon's currently selling it for $140. (According to CamelCamelCamel, the Foodi has never been this cheap on Amazon.)

Of course, this is Black Friday, so Amazon has a lot of deals on Ninja appliances. Want to get your grill on in the middle of winter? Not only does the Foodi XL Indoor Grill have a smart thermometer, but it also has a dehydrator, an air fryer, and so much more. Already have a pressure cooker? Reach for this multipurpose oven, which can air fry your food to perfection. Or, if you want to restock the basics, you can enjoy $70 off Ninja's NeverStick cookware set. So, no matter what your kitchen needs, you're bound to find a ridiculously good deal.

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