This Is The Amazon Workout Tank Top Everyone On TikTok Is Raving About

Alicia Kort
·1 min read

If you’re on TikTok at all, you’ve probably seen this tank top go viral. At first glance, you might have thought it was from a pricy, high-end athleisure brand, but it’s actually made by Lemedy, a popular, affordable apparel brand on Amazon. The brand specializes in workout tops and sports bras for women, but the Lemedy Workout Tank is by far their most famous style. TikTok influencers and Amazon reviewers alike gush over this padded tank top, and it’s not hard to see why.

The super snug fit of the Lemedy Workout Tank Top accents curves in all of the right places, so it’s especially flattering on the wearer, unlike that dingy tee from...

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