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Amazon shoppers are kind of obsessed with these lightsaber chopsticks — yes, they really light up

Whether you’re eating sushi or digging into a bowl of Pad Thai, you’re probably using chopsticks. However, what if those chopsticks lit up and looked like lightsabers from Star Wars? For over 12,000 Amazon shoppers, that’s the move. Yes, thousands of Amazon shoppers give the Chopsabers (aka Lightsaber Chopsticks) 5 out of 5 stars and say they’re super fun to use.

Available in seven colors.
$10 at Amazon

“These are honestly so cool,” wrote one reviewer who also shared a video of their purchase. “They are a little big, but definitely not a problem! I love everything about these. They are also honestly great value, look and feel for the money!”

They’re a great novelty to have or a good gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life. And, while they come in a range of bright colors, there’s one blue version that claims to have “food-grabbing tips,” although the brand doesn’t seem to elaborate on that in the product description.

Here’s what you need to know, though: The Chopsabers are BPA-free plastic chopsticks, and they come in a range of bright colors with batteries already inside. All you have to do is click a button to light them up and click it again to turn them off. They’re hand-wash only but very easy to clean. And, just a heads up, when you purchase one pair, you get two lightsaber chopsticks.

According to, chopsticks have a long history in Chinese culture, dating back to as early as 1200 B.C. They were originally used as cooking tools. However, around A.D. 400, people started using them to eat. Food scarcity caused chefs to make smaller portions, which made knives kind of obsolete. Not to mention, Confucius believed that sharp utensils reminded people of slaughter and violence, which literally killed the mood at the dinner table — alas, the rise of chopsticks for eating.

Not all chopsticks are wooden, though. Japan invented disposable bamboo ones in the late 1800s, but chopsticks’ shapes and materials vary across the Eastern Asian region.

Plastic chopsticks aren’t uncommon. What makes Chopsabers admittedly different is that they light up and look like Star Wars lightsabers — and that’s why people love them. Plus, it costs less than $20 a pair to see someone’s face light up with joy.

Available in seven colors.
$10 at Amazon

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