Amazon Shoppers Say This Face and Body Scrub Made Them a Morning Person

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Amazon Face Scrub
Amazon Face Scrub

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For some of us, waking up early isn't as easy as setting an alarm, getting out of bed, and starting our morning routine. It can mean setting multiple alarms and snoozing them all until the very last second, which leaves virtually no time to get ready and prepare for the day. Thankfully, according to hundreds of Amazon shoppers, there is a beauty product that can help.

The Make Me a Morning Person face and body scrub is a gentle exfoliator made for all skin types. The creamy formula is infused with peppermint, rosemary, lavender, and soybean oil to hydrate your skin and leave you feeling energized. It's the perfect pick-me-up to use when you wake up a little groggy and one five-star reviewer says it really does "make me a morning person," and is recommending it to all of their friends while another shopper calls it an "instant favorite."

Make Me a Morning Person Face & Body Scrub
Make Me a Morning Person Face & Body Scrub


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Not only does this exfoliating scrub help you wake up in the morning, but it can also be used to prep your skin for sunless tanning and shaving. These steps are important for avoiding self-tan streaks and razor bumps. Plus, it's super concentrated so a little goes a long way; all you need is a small amount on your fingertip for your face and a small scoop for your body.

"I love body scrubs, and I buy a ton of beauty products. This is hands down the best scrub I've ever used," says one satisfied shopper. "The texture and smell is out of this world. I will be using this forever."

The best part? It's sold as part of Amazon Handmade, a dedicated section of the retailer that features and supports small businesses. You can find handcrafted items from around the world in the home, fashion, and beauty categories that are unique and most often, customizable.

For just $19 a jar, you can't go wrong with this exfoliating face and body scrub. Especially since it's a multi-purpose formula and is bound to last you a few months. Plus, you'll be supporting an Amazon Handmade indie beauty brand that handmakes all of its natural beauty products in the United States.