Amazon shopper allegedly finds her photos being used on the site without her permission

A teenager was browsing Amazon’s clothing selection when she came across a photo that looked eerily familiar. That’s because according to the teenager, TikTok user @benitariley, . the photo was lifted from her Instagram to advertise a pair of knockoff jeans without her permission. In a video posted to TikTok on Oct. 29, @benitariley alleged that she was shopping on Amazon when she found the photo of herself. To make matters worse, the company advertising the jeans isn’t the same company @benitariley purchased from. The Amazon version is most likely a knockoff. People were angry for @benitariley and urged her to take action, especially since the company is allegedly advertising a product they aren’t actually selling. “Girl if they don’t run you a CHECK,” one person said. According to, a site for legal resources, . “when a business uses the image or likeness of an individual without his or her consent or permission, they may file a suit for misappropriation of likeness”