Amazon Has a Secret Sale on Le Creuset's Cast-Iron Skillet Right Now

Melissa Matthews
Photo credit: Le Creuset
Photo credit: Le Creuset

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Every guy should have a solid cast iron pan. In fact, a cast-iron skillet is an essential tool in any kitchen. Whip up steak, fish, veggies, pizza, and even dessert. In case you're unfamiliar, cast iron skillets are made from iron and inject it into your food, too. You do need to use fat or oil in the pan to get a nice non-stick surface.

Although, foodies have long lived for cast iron skillet cooking, you should consider giving them a whirl, too.

Now is the perfect time to buy a cast iron from Le Creuset. Normally, these high-quality pans will set you back almost $200. But now, Amazon has a smoking deal that takes 41 percent off.

Get a 10-inch pan for only $99.95 on Amazon. Originally, these retail at $179.95 on the retailer. That's a huge $80 in savings! The pans come in a variety of colors including, orange, grey, and red.

So what makes these so superior? They're made to provide steady, even heat, and the company's enamel interior won't stain, rust, or become dull. Plus, it doesn't need to be seasoned like other cast iron pans.

According to many reviewers, the price tag is definitely worth the investment. "These pans are expensive, but they literally last forever," says one customer. "They cook evenly, they are solid, heavy, and I am slowly purchasing a whole set of them. Get the silicon cover for the handle, it is worth the extra expense. I love this pan!"

If you've been hesitating to try one Le Creuset because of cost, now is the perfect time to treat yourself.

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