Amazon Is Selling a 'Super Adorable' Mini Cat Laptop and Shoppers Are Saying Their Cats 'Absolutely Love It'

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Cat scratchers are pretty important to have in your house if you own a cat because it allows them to expend any scratching energy on a designated spot rather than on your furniture. However, there are so many cat scratchers out there to choose from that it can be overwhelming sometimes to think about shopping for another. But one cat scratcher on Amazon is a must-have with its adorable functions. The ScratchPad Pro is made to look like a laptop and not only is it a good choice for your kitty' scratching needs, but it also allows them to “mirror” you at work.

While the ScratchPad Pro might sound high-tech—which is not really something you want to give to your cat—it’s actually a mini laptop scratcher cat toy that looks like a MacBook laptop. The bottom part is thicker than your average laptop to accommodate a scratching area. It then has a “lid” permanently in the open position and a “mouse,” AKA a plush toy attached to the scratcher with a string and made to look like an actual white mouse. There’s even a “trackpad,” which is a ball in the typical trackpad location that your cat can roll back and forth. Scrolling isn’t hard even without thumbs, right?

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ScratchPad Pro - Laptop Scratcher Cat Toy 3-in-1 with Stickers, $29.99 on Amazon

Shop it on Amazon
Shop it on Amazon

The decorations are another detail that really sells this scratcher as a “laptop.” The “screen” of your cat’s new mini laptop has a Zoom call open with all of their silly-looking coworkers (also cats, of course). It also comes with stickers you can put on the lid of the laptop to really let your cat’s personality shine.

And this unique cat scratcher isn’t just for fun (even though it is that too), but it also lets your cat mirror you while you work. With many people working from home now, they’ve noticed that their feline friends love joining them. Whether that means laying on top of your keyboard so that you can’t type anymore or just wanting to be near you and your computer, cats are “mirroring” you as you work.

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As Catster reported, cats mirror their humans and other animals in their home as a sign of love. They have a strong bond with you and that can sometimes show up when they’re all over you while you work or do something like yoga, or even when you just move around your house and they’re constantly at your heels. Mirroring is also how kittens learn things like using the bathroom or grooming themselves. So it’s a showing of affection as well as how cats learn new things.

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So what better way to teach your cat to “work” alongside you than by getting them their own laptop? There are tons of videos on TikTok of owners doing this too, like user @ringodanyan getting their new business cat a mini mirror laptop. Or user @panini_was_here’s video of a cat doing biscuits on a mini laptop as their owner is on theirs. And user @jacksongalaxy got their cat a laptop scratcher and they loved scratching and laying on top of it (cats’s typical laptop decorum, of course).

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new scratcher for your cat or you just want to buy a mini version of something for them, the ScratchPad Pro is a great choice. Don’t expect them to start contributing to rent, though.

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