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Star Wars, Total War, Two Point Hospital and Fahrenheit
Intergalactic adventure, hospital hijinks, psychological intrigue...they're yours for free this month with Prime. (Photo: Respawn / Creative Assembly / Two Point / Aspyr)

You’re probably familiar with Amazon Prime perks like free two-day shipping and tons of great streaming content including recent releases like Being the Ricardos and The Wheel of Time. One perk that doesn’t get as much chatter is probably one of its best: Prime Gaming. Every month, Amazon Prime subscribers get all sorts of free in-game items for popular titles like Fall Guys, Valorant and Apex Legends. But even better are the free games you can download!

January is a good month to join up, with a whopping nine games on offer. Amazon Prime is only $13 a month, or $119 a year. You even get your first 30 days for free, so why not try before you buy and sign up now? Any games you download are yours to keep, regardless of whether you keep the subscription going.

Get 30 days of Amazon Prime free

Grab the hit Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for free from Origin until February 2nd

Cal Kestis with lightsaber
Meet your new Jedi hero, Cal Kestis. (Photo: Respawn / EA)

Have you ever wished you could take a lightsaber into your own hands, take down stormtroopers and explore the galaxy? Fallen Order is a game that puts you into the boots of Cal Kestis, a survivor of the Jedi massacre that occurred in Revenge of the Jedi. Even if you’re not that familiar with Star Wars lore, this game is a great role-playing adventure with plenty of action.

Amazon reviewers agree, with this player calling Fallen Order “frikkin’ awesome” because of its “next level” graphics and animation. They added that if you “enjoy the challenge of consciously strategizing your attack and evasion moves against your opponents […] if you're overly curious and just HAVE to see what's on the other side, down the hole, in the cave, or ever wonder, ‘What happens if I push that button?’ you just might really love this game.” Sounds like this one is worth a download!

One note: To get this game you’ll need an Origin account. Don’t have one? Well, accounts are free and you can sign up here — it’s handy to keep an account around anyway, because even Origin itself has the occasional free giveaway you’ll want to take advantage of.

Total War: Warhammer is free via the Epic Games store through February 1st

Charging with a griffin
Who needs tanks when you have a griffin? (Photo: Creative Assembly / SEGA)

When you’re feeling a bit… imperial, Total War: Warhammer might be worth a play for you. You build an empire, going toe-to-toe with rival nations and employing a few mythical creatures in the process. It’s kind of like the big battles in Lord of the Rings or The Witcher, except you get to call the shots. The nice thing is that it doesn’t require fast reflexes, just quick wits and a knack for long-term planning. This is the kind of game my dad spends hours on, and right now it’s free through the Epic Games store when you have a Prime account.

An Epic Games account is also free, so you might as well sign up to download this and lots of other free titles, many of which Epic gives out to all registered users.

Download Two Point Hospital at no cost via the Amazon Games app in the month of January

Two Point Hospital
It's like Scrubs, but virtual! The laughs, however, will be very real. (Photo: Two Point / Sega)

You’ve probably had a few medical appointments where you spend more time sitting in the waiting room than actually meeting with a doctor, and thought to yourself, “I could run this place better.” Well, Two Point Hospital lets you do just that — with a humorous twist! You’ll need to build facilities to help patients with such strange ailments as “Mock Star” and “Animal Magnetism.” You’ll also have to hire some doctors and nurses, and keep them happy so they don’t storm off in a huff. And the interior designer in you will love building amenities to make your hospital gorgeous and fun. You might even get a little jealous of your fictional patients!

To grab this one you’ll need the Amazon Games app, which you can download for Windows.

The classic Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is free from Amazon Games until February 1st

Two police with guns
Guns won't do a lot when your main foe is a demon. (Photo: Aspyr / Quantic Dream)

You like watching movies, but how about playing them? That’s essentially what Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is — an interactive movie. This game has you playing as Lucas Kane, a man who commits murder while demonically possessed, and the two detectives — Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles — trying to track him down. There are multiple sides to this story, as well as lots of choices you make that will affect where the tale goes. This remastered version, released a few years ago, updates the graphics controls and is also uncensored, so it isn’t for the kiddies.

In Other Waters is a Prime Gaming giveaway all through January

In Other Waters (Photo: Amazon)
In Other Waters (Photo: Amazon)

Not every space exploration game has to be violent. This is a much quieter title, where you play an artificial intelligence in charge of getting a stranded xenobiologist across an ocean on an alien planet. There’s no shooting, just exploration and discovery. Frankly, we could all use some strange otherworldly travel right about now, so this one is definitely worth a download through the Amazon Games app.

Journey to the world of Abandon Ship for free until February 1st

Take command of an 'Age of Sail' ship and her crew, exploring a vast, story-filled world that reacts to your decisions. Engage enemy vessels, fortifications and sea monsters in brutal tactical combat, all framed in an art style inspired by classic Naval Oil Paintings.
This game is like traveling into an old oil painting. (Photo: Fireblade Software)

Looking for something a little closer to home? Well, this title has you exploring the earth during the Age of Sail and engaging in tactical combat — that’s the kind that favors brains over brawn. And there’s even a sea monster or two mixed into your adventure, for when you want just a taste of Jules Verne in your naval adventure.

Also available for free download in January:

Get 30 days of Amazon Prime free

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