Amazon’s Practically Giving Away One of Our Favorite Home Security Cameras That Respects Your Privacy

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The impressive GE Cync Security Camera is on sale today with 64% off, bringing the price from $69.99 down to $25.49, which is an incredible saving. The camera’s good for the normal price, so with this sale in effect, it’s an absolute bargain for those who want a solid indoor security camera, whether that’s for actual security, or just to keep an eye on the pets or kids when the user is not in the room.

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The sheer value of this device makes it one of the best security cameras with a privacy shutter, but the feature it has are more than worthy of that honor as well. Not only does this camera boast impressive motion and sound detection, making it perfect for those looking to stay alert, but it also records in 1080p resolution, and has two-way audio too. Plus, it’s easy to fix to a wall or just have on a flat surface wherever is convenient.

One of the best things about this security camera is that it can save any video files to an SD card. This means it can stand up with some of the best security cameras that don’t require a subscription too, as long as the user doesn’t mind grabbing themselves an SD card, or if they have a spare one lying around the home.

Our Favorite Home Security Cameras With a Privacy Shutter Is On Sale
Our Favorite Home Security Cameras With a Privacy Shutter Is On Sale

GE CYNC Smart Indoor Security Camera

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Price: $69.99 $25.49

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This camera is ideal for indoor security needs, or just an easy way to keep an eye on the kids or pets when in a different room. It not only works with both Google Home and Alexa, which is a huge bonus for smart homes, but it also has a lot of great features which make the camera one of the best around for this price. This camera has motion detection and sound detection, multiple storage options, is easy to install, can capture HD 1080p videos, and even has a privacy shutter for when the user wants to make sure nothing is watching.

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