Amazon Is Offering a One-Day Mega Deal on This Top-Rated Rowing Machine

Jaimie Potters
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Photo credit: Velocity Exercise
Photo credit: Velocity Exercise

From Men's Health

This whole working out at home thing has been going on for *checks notes* about 4 months now. If you're about to lose your mind growing tired of your current fitness regiment, we have good news! One of our favorite rowing machines of all time is currently on sale at Amazon for over $200 off. (In case you didn't try to hunt down a rowing machine at the beginning of lockdown when most best-selling models were out of stock, take it from us that this Velocity Exercise sale is a very big deal.)

Velocity Exercise's Magnetic Rower is a magnetic resistance operation, which allows for a seriously smooth ride. The machine comes equipped with non-slip pedals and a molded-foam padded seat cover offering maximum comfort. And if you don't reside in spacious mansion, note that the Magnetic Rower can cleverly be folded and stowed after you use it.

Although treadmills and ellipticals typically get more attention, indoor rowing is one of the best ways to torch fat, build muscle, and forge stamina out there. It's also one of the best forms of exercise in terms of calorie burn and boosting your heart health. Whether you've rowed hundreds times before or are ready to finally give it a go from home, now is budget-friendly time to do so while the Magnetic Rower is on sale.

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