Amazon Launches a Virtual Summer Camp for Crafters of Any Age

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Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images

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If your favorite part of summer camp was making friendship bracelets, tie-dying t-shirts, or any of the other fun crafts, we've got exciting news. Amazon Handmade just launched a virtual camp for DIY enthusiasts at any age.

At Camp Handmade, you and your family can participate in creative crafting workshops led by Amazon Makers online. Each workshop features a curated set of supplies for the craft, which you can purchase on Amazon. Once your supplies arrive, you can watch a video of the Maker demonstrating how to complete the craft. You can also follow along the workshops' activity guides, which include step-by-step instructions.

The camp features four DIYs. You can learn how to paint hydrangeas from Rebeca Flott of Rebeca Flott Arts and create an adorable felt hedgehog using a needle felting technique taught by Megan Benson of Sheep Farm Felt. Interested in R&R-inspired crafts? Make four fragrant candles with Sheena Tahilramani of Banter & Bliss Candle Co. Choose two scents from a variety of combinations like lavender and vanilla, rose and hydrangea, and bamboo citron and amber teak. You can also learn how to create soothing floral baths salts with Kennedy Lowery of Live by Being.

If you're interested in learning more about the Makers' path to creating their own small businesses, visit the Fireside Chats page to watch video Q&A's with the Makers and content creators. Camp Handmade is currently live, and it will continue through Saturday, August 15. Bring the best part of summer camp home, and shop the craft kits below.

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