Amazon Just Made It So Easy to Find Amazing Plus-Size Stuff

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Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

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Amazon has totally changed the game when it comes to shopping, but the downside of bringing so much variety to our fingertips is that it’s, ya know, so much stuff. They’ve given us plenty of great tools to shop the system (you haven’t lived until you’ve browsed the roundup of most-loved products…seriously) and the brand’s latest addition to the shopping mix is pretty freakin’ major.

The Amazon fashion team has rounded up the very best plus-size fashion, creating a central shopping hub that’s not only easy to navigate, but also full of amazing finds that range up to 44/5X. And they’re all chic pieces that might have otherwise gotten lost in the shuffle that is the massive fashion marketplace. Everything is broken out by top categories, including things like tops and dresses and slightly less-expected groups (like date-night and lounge).

We’re sharing some of our favorites below, but that’s just a jumping-off point. Make sure to check out the entire collection on your own.


Jeans are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe—for morning, noon, and night—but finding the just-right fit can be a challenge. With the ability to not only curate your selection by brand and color, but also leg shape, rise, and fit type, shopping for jeans on Amazon is just smart.


Whether for day or night, dresses are basically the easiest throw-on-and-go option. It’s a simple way to instantly look pulled-together, even if you feel quite the opposite (and more dressed-up options, including those with sequins, can really make you look like you tried without actually doing anything).

Date Night

Confidence is linked to what we’re wearing, and we definitely want to feel our best on date night (cool and sexy and strong and not like we’re trying too hard, etc). First date, ten-year anniversary—doesn’t matter. Amazon’s edited date-night shop has everything from high-waisted pants and leather jackets to slinky camisoles and midi skirts that move as you walk. No matter what your go-to look is, it’s here.


Shopping for workout clothes has two criteria that need to be met: Is it comfortable? Is it cute? (And yes, both matter equally!) Amazon has curated a selection that always fits the bill for both while also making sure everything is offered in an extended size range.


Bras, underwear, pajamas—they’re usually hard to shop for. Not only is it not super comfortable to totally strip down in a cold and poorly-lit dressing room, but physical stores can have limited size options. It’s a thank-goodness-for-Amazon kind of moment when you can both try on things in the comfort of your own space and have access to basically every size under the sun.


The pandemic taught us something serious about fashion: Don’t sleep on your loungewear. The category is about so much more than beat-up sweats, and you can find things on Amazon that are perfect for styling up and showing off. And because they’ve got their own dedicated plus shop, the size range is great (like the amazing tie-dye sweatshirt below that goes to 28-plus).

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