Amazon customer captures Ring footage of delivery driver’s ‘hysterical’ encounter with her husband: ‘He was so nervous’

An Amazon delivery driver is drawing all sorts of praise after a customer captured his “hysterical” encounter with her husband.

The exchange, captured on a Ring doorbell camera, comes courtesy of a TikTok user named @Stephanielerin. In her now-viral clip, the TikToker shared her delivery driver’s attempt to help her “hide” a package from her husband.

With holiday shopping season in full swing, TikTok has been flush with popular clips involving delivery drivers and their customers. In one recent video, a FedEx driver sparked a major debate after showing his post-Black Friday workload. In another, an Amazon driver drew praise after noticing an “unsafe” detail at a customer’s home.

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By comparison, @stephanielerin’s clip is pretty wholesome. Her video begins with a shot of her doormat, which asks delivery drivers to hide packages from her husband.

“He understood the assignment,” she captioned the video.

In the video, which now has nearly 30 million views, @stephanielerin shows Ring footage of one Amazon driver who took her request very, very seriously.

The driver begins by ringing the doorbell to alert @stephanielerin’s family that they have a package. Then, he stands by the doorway while completing the order on his device.

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In the meantime, @stephanielerin’s husband opens the door. He asks the driver if he’s finishing a delivery and, apparently having read @stephanielerin’s doormat, he tries to make up an excuse.

“No, I’m just uh, here to tell you about the gospel of Jesus Christ,” the driver tells @stephanielerin’s husband.

The awkward exchange sparked a slew of praiseworthy comments. Users called the driver’s attempt to lie “hysterical,” while also applauding his commitment.

“This man deserves a raise,” one user wrote.

“He was so nervous,” another added.

“I need that guy to deliver to my house,” another wrote.

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