This Amazon Bodysuit Is Just Like SKIMS Without the Label (Or The Price Tag)

Give yourself designer-quality support on a big-box-store budget.

Shapewear is super versatile. You can wear it underneath your outfit to enhance your shape or to keep problem areas in check. You can also wear some pieces as bodysuits that look great with slim-fit pants or leggings for a casual look or for a fun night out. And there's one popular shapewear brand that's great at making bodysuits just like that: Kim Kardashian's Skims. But like many of Kardashian products, their price tags can be a little out of many buyers' range. What do you do? Find a great SKIMS alternative, of course! And after scouring the deepest, darkest corners of Amazon, we found one that you'll want to snap up quickly.

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You can snag QQQ Women's 3 Piece Ribbed Bodysuits for a fraction of the price that Skims offers its own shapewear. For less than $40 at just $36.99, you can get three different ribbed bodysuits in three shades per set. You can choose from Black, Grey, and Beige, Black, Coffee, and White, or Rose, Candy Blue, and White. That's a different color for just about any outfit you have planned, especially the pastel set that looks like a fun option for upcoming holidays like Valentine's Day.

These aren't just camisoles masquerading as bodysuits, either. They're the real deal, crafted from super-stretchy fabric made of 90% nylon and 10% Spandex. That means they're soft and plenty elastic to help support you where you want it and need it most. And with their ribbed design, they avoid the pitfalls of many shapewear pieces: being see-through. You can pair them with an outfit or wear them under your clothes for added sculpting.

Each bodysuit comes with a flattering round neckline and adjustable spaghetti straps. They feature a snap-button closure so you can get to the restroom quickly and not have to fumble with your entire outfit or remove it all when nature calls, a simple but needed functionality. That means you can open it up and pop out to the restroom and get back to the action quickly!

Each bodysuit contours to your curves and ensures a snug fit, and works to help give you support and additional flexibility and mobility. That means it's great to wear as a top, shapewear, or even as workout gear. They pull triple duty, and they remain super comfy no matter what use you have for each suit.



You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get quality bodysuits or shapewear, and this particular find proves it. They're quite new, so only one buyer has left their thoughts on whether they're worth it or not, but given their affordability and quality, you can bet we'll start seeing positive reviews flooding in. That means you can get in on this trend early.

The reviewer praised the bodysuits' "comfortable fit while still shaping". They wrote: "These are definitely as advertised, they're comfortable enough to sleep in but still have the slimming hold of shapewear. Obviously some of the tummy-hold is lost just because there's no boning or anything in it, but for me at least, it was entirely worth it. I needed something I can wear all day at work and this product was exactly what I was looking for. highly recommend."

Be sure and grab a few of your own before these 3-packs of amazing SKIMS alternatives inevitably start to sell out as word gets around!