Amazon Black Friday Deals for Car Enthusiasts and DIY Heroes

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A Christmas tree made of overlaying wrenches, decorated with lights and a sparkly red star ornament on top on a plane green background
A Christmas tree made of overlaying wrenches, decorated with lights and a sparkly red star ornament on top on a plane green background

‘Tis the season of stores drowning in holiday-themed merchandise, as many of us gearheads to the north tuck away our cars and motorcycles for the long, snowy, salty winter ahead. While our projects might not hit the road until spring, now is a great time to deck the garage with tools and gear to keep our motorized darlings on the road. From tools to jump starters and batteries, we’ve gathered the best Black Friday holiday deals on Amazon for the car enthusiasts in your life. These deals only last for a limited time, so don’t delay.

NOCO Jump Starter Box, Portable Power Bank

Photo:  Noco, Amazon
Photo: Noco, Amazon

Older cars sometimes need a little extra love to get started. Gone are the days of needing to lug a massive jump box — or worse, trying to find a friendly neighbor for a jump. Get your young driver, your project car, or yourself one of these handy little jump boxes. It’s easy to store in a glove box or under a seat, and is powerful enough to jump-start a gasoline engine up to 6.0 liters or a diesel up to 3.0 liters. It can also act as a portable power bank to charge your phone.

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MyQ Smart Garage Monitoring System

myQ Smart Garage monitor on a wall inside an all-white garage.
myQ Smart Garage monitor on a wall inside an all-white garage.

Sure, most modern cars have built-in garage door remotes. But that doesn’t calm the nagging feeling you get when you’re already 10 minutes into your drive: Did I close the garage? This system by myQ turns your garage into a smart garage, allowing you to check if the door is open or closed, schedule a time for it to automatically close, or be notified if someone opens or closes the door while you’re away, all from your phone. You can even share access with friends, so you don’t have to pass out spare keys.

Dash Cams by VVCar

Image:  NexiGo VVCar on Amazon
Image: NexiGo VVCar on Amazon

If you’re proud of your car, you’ve likely pondered purchasing a dash cam for your legal protection. There have been plenty of horror stories, from road rage incidents to dealership irresponsibility, all caught on camera thanks to these technological beauties. Rest assured, if you buy one this Black Friday, you won’t have to worry about what happens to your car when you’re not around.

ACDelco and GM Products Up to 15% Off

Photo:  ACDelco
Photo: ACDelco

Attention all gearheads! You can get up to 15 percent off of select ACDelco and GM products on Amazon this Black Friday. If your garage or driveway brandishes the badges of the General, you can stock up on stuff including an ACDelco battery. And keep your eyes peeled for other great deals for GM products.

Chemical Guys Car Detailing Kits Up To 30% Off

Photo:  Chemical Guys
Photo: Chemical Guys

Sure, you can just wash your car. You could also throw on some basic no-name wax. But wouldn’t you rather protect your pride and joy with high-quality products that will make it look better than new? This complete detailing kit from Chemical Guys has everything you need to clean and protect every surface of your vehicle. You can wash, wax and detail your car like a professional, for much less than you’d spend buying each of these items separately. Plus, the kit includes all the brushes, sponges and towels you’ll need — it’s truly a complete package. It’s a gateway drug to ensure you never let your car go a week without a touch-up.

Makita Gearwrench Sets

Photo:  Gearwrench
Photo: Gearwrench

Everyone can use a good set of wrenches, whether you’re tackling simple repairs or jumping into a /nightmare/ challenging project car. This 44-piece wrench set from Makita covers SAE and metric sizing – perfect for anyone with domestic and foreign vehicles in their garage.

Makita Gearwrench 12-pt Ratcheting Wrenches

Photo:  Gearwrench
Photo: Gearwrench

Gearwrench managed to combine a ratchet and a box-and-open wrench in one, creating a handy tool that’s perfect for those places where a ratchet and socket simply won’t fit. These Makita Gearwrench 12-pt ratcheting sets come in metric or SAE standard, and Amazon’s holiday discount makes this a great time to upgrade your toolbox with some fresh new wrenches.

Makita Gearwrench Tap and Die Set

Photo:  Gearwrench
Photo: Gearwrench

Makita Gearwrench is also selling this tap and die set — here to help any experienced wrencher win the battle of “crossed threads vs. mechanic.” Available in SAE or metric sizes, these 77-piece tap and die sets have all the thread pitches and sizes you’ll need to chase stubborn or damaged threads, or re-thread a stripped-out mount. A good tap-and-die set and a little patience can make the difference between an easy job and a mechanical nightmare, especially if you work on rusty stuff.

Hot Wheels For the Kids, Or the Child In All of Us

Hot Wheels track
Hot Wheels track

As of late, it seems most of us want to entertain nostalgia with buying things from childhood. So, we pick up some toys, and do fun things. Or we become YouTuber Backyard Racing, and share videos of speedy toy creations we could have only dreamed of as kids. This particular channel involves strapping a camera of sort to a Hot Wheels-sized car and putting it through its paces on a very intricate outdoor track. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

If you’re looking to reach Backyard Racing’s level of commitment, or you just want something fun for your kids (and you) to play with, there’s a few Hot Wheels track and car deals on Amazon you might want to nab — available only on Black Friday.

Segway E-Scooters and E-Bikes

Man in leisure wear carrying a folded down Segway scooter while boarding subway train.
Man in leisure wear carrying a folded down Segway scooter while boarding subway train.

Electrified transportation isn’t limited to cars and motorcycles. E-bikes and E-scooters are becoming more and more popular, especially for city folk. Amazon is making it more affordable than ever to hop on an electric two-wheeler for your last-mile solution, including this Ninebot Electric Kick Scooter by Segway.

Rubber Floor Mats by Motor Trend

Photo:  Motor Trend
Photo: Motor Trend

Every car could use a set of floor mats, especially with the snow and slush season quickly approaching. You can already picture it… the salt water turning your precious car interior into a hard, grey, disgusting version of itself. To prevent that grotesque eventuality, get a set of floor mats for yourself or that special someone — now on discount.

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