Cat's out of the bag! Amazon’s best-selling cat treats are up to 42 percent off today—but get your paws on them fast

Kristine Solomon

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Your cat will thank you for these treats. (Photo: Getty)
Your cat will thank you for these treats. (Photo: Getty)

You may not know what your cat is thinking (and frankly, you may not want to), but if she could talk, she would probably tell you she wants addictively tasty treats that will also control those hairballs she’s always choking on.

Yes, your feline is one tough customer, but today all of her favorite treats are on sale for up to 42 percent off on Amazon. Now that’s something to purr about. Whether you have a Sheba kitty, a Greenies lover, or a Temptations fan, check out all the deals on kitty treats and more here — but hurry, as they’re on sale for today only.

The pick of the litter is Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats, which are your kitty’s idea of a gourmet snack. They’re salmon-, tuna-, or chicken-flavored, made of real meat with no artificial flavors, and each stick comes individually wrapped just like your little diva would demand. The pack of 50 treats is marked down to $12 today only, saving you $5 (and probably a few claw marks).
Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats

Sheba Meat Tender Sticks are the equivalent to a five-star meal as far as cats are concerned. (Photo: Amazon)
Sheba Meat Tender Sticks are the equivalent to a five-star meal as far as cats are concerned. (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: $12 (was $17),

Take it from Suki Rai, the “little demon” whose owner says she “will actually go out of her way to ask me for [these]. She knows where I keep them and when she wants a snack she will go to the closet, sit at the door or stretch for the handle, and meow until I give into the cuteness and give her one.”

It seems like Suki Rai is calling the shots in this household, and Sheba treats are her non-negotiables. “Generally I will let her pick what flavor she wants...she will rub her face against one to let me know her choice,” her person continues. “I have never seen Suki so crazy about anything other then her catnip cigar, until these meat stick cat treats.”

Another customer says, “Every evening before bedtime [my cat] runs to the pantry and does a dance around the kitchen until I give him his treat.”

“My cat demands these,” writes a third human slave, um, we mean cat owner. “Not just a meow here or there, but she actually stands in the kitchen screaming at me if she does not get one after her breakfast.”

And this reviewer’s cat took things to a whole new level of gluttony. “I watched her take it from my hands, put it on the floor, and then put the whole 3" meat stick in her mouth and swallow,” the owner wrote. “Of course I was horrified, as she could choke or it could cause an intestinal blockage. So from then on I decided to tear them up into smaller pieces, and I'm happy to report that she still loves them.”

Greenies Feline Smartbites Hairball Control

Greenies Smartbites are developed by veterinarians to help promote a healthy diet and stop hairballs from forming. (Photo: Amazon)
Greenies Smartbites are developed by veterinarians to help promote a healthy diet and stop hairballs from forming. (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: $2 (was $4),

If you’re on the hunt for some hardcore savings, though, your favorite Deal of the Day will be Greenies Feline Smartbites Hairball Control, which are only $1.74 after a 42 percent discount today only. And they’re not just addictively tasty, but they’re actually nutritious too.

Greenies are packed with vitamins and minerals, have less than two calories each for felines watching their waistlines, and they’re developed by veterinarians as part of a healthy, hairball-free diet. So, if your cat sounds like he’s hacking up a lung, these tuna-tasting treats will minimize his hairball formation.

One reviewer called these treats “kitty crack” and said they use them to teach their cat tricks. “I've done it with 3 different cats over the years with these things,” they wrote They love these! I've taught my current cat to ‘Sit,’ ‘Sit-up,’ ‘Give me your paw,’ and now I'm working on ‘turn-around.’ She's struggling with that one because she doesn't want to take her eye off the treat! Spinning around means she loses sight of the prize for just a moment - and that's too long!”

“Pretty sure these treats are at least 50% of the reason my cat likes me,” another customer wrote. “My 1.5 year old Maine Coon is both a walking hairball and the pickiest eater I have ever encountered...she AIN'T IMPRESSED no matter what. that being said, I have made it a routine for the past 5 give her a little daily combo of the Greenies Hairball Control, Greenies Dental Treats, and Greenies Skin & Fur. she FREAKS OUT over these treats and comes running if I even go NEAR the area where i keep them.’ Plus, “she has only had one or two hairballs in the past 5 months.”

Even lazy cats seem to get a second wind when Greenies are at stake. “My cat is pretty sedentary. She's older and doesn't get excited over too much in her older years,” one cat owner wrote. “I used to give her Temptations, and sure, she'd meow at me if she heard or saw me going for the container, but I'd give her a few treats and that was that. Then I bought her some of these Greenies and a switch got flipped. She goes nuts!!! She'll paw at me, impatiently! She's gotten on top of my nightstand and tried to open the drawer where they're kept.”

The Deal of the Day also includes 31 percent off Temptations Functional Cat Treats with hairball control and 34 percent off Temptations classic crunchy and soft cat treats in Shrimpy Shrimp flavor. The entire smorgasbord of deals on cat food, pet accessories, and more is all right here.

But the savings are happening for one day only—so pounce on it, human!

Shop It: Sheba, Greenies, and Temptation Cat Treats (and more!), starting at $2,

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