This ultra-quiet and compact air purifier on Amazon Canada has a near-perfect rating

Meaghan Wray
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TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home
TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home

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Aside from beautiful snowfalls and quality time with family during the holidays, the winter seasons also tends to bring with it dry air and allergies. And with more time spent indoors than ever before thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone deserves a deep breath of clean air in their homes.

The days of constant sneezing and dry, sleepless nights are over. There’s a compact, affordable device taking Amazon Canada by storm that promises to quietly clean your air while you get on with every day life — and it has a nearly perfect rating.

TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home

TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home (Photo via Amazon)
TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home (Photo via Amazon)

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What is it?

The TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home is Amazon’s latest must-have piece of home technology that buyers need only purchase, set up and let it do the work. This air purifier promises an ultra-quiet clean perfect for people with allergies to mold or pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust and other irritants that live and move through the air.

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The simple piece of technology consumes less energy than the average air purifier on the market, making it an excellent eco-friendly option. With a space coverage of 20 square metres, it’s perfect for kid’s rooms, dormitories, studio apartments or on top of your work desk.

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At the end of the day, TaoTronics is so confident in their product that they offer an 18-month warranty for a worry-free purchase.

Why shoppers love it

With an average 4.7-star rating on more than 990 reviews, it’s clear to see why the TaoTronics Air Purifier for Home is in the top 15 of one of Amazon’s bestsellers lists. According to reviews, the purifier is bound to make for cleaner air and less sneezing.

“It’s already worked to help reduce the amount of dust in our place,” one reviewer wrote. “We don’t sneeze nearly as much.”

Another happy buyer said they saw a difference in their air quality in just a few days of use, saying they would “rate this gem a solid 5.”

One shopper said the purifier is so quiet that they sometimes don’t realize it’s on. At its highest setting, they wrote, the sounds provides excellent white noise when sleeping. Even better, the button light can be shut off at night for easy resting.

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However, not everyone was head-over-heels for this air cleaner.

One reviewer complained about its level of efficiency on lower settings, writing that it’s “only efficient on high speed,” and that its lower settings are “useless because they don’t move any air volume.”

Another shopper called it a “glorified fan,” claiming they didn’t see any changes in their allergy symptoms. One buyer complimented its aesthetics, but also hasn’t experienced any benefits as yet.

According to one displeased buyer, the purifier they received was faulty and constantly switching modes by itself, but added that they’d be reordering a new one.

The verdict

Save the few reviews claiming the air purifier wasn’t functioning as well as they’d hoped, the vast majority of reviewers — a whopping 85 per cent of them — love their purchase. With an 18-month warranty and overwhelmingly positive reviews, the TaoTronics Air Purifier is worth a go, especially with all the time being spent indoors.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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