Amal Clooney Wore an Angelic Beaded Slip Dress While Stepping Out With George

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Remember when Amal Clooney showed up at the Golden Globes in white gloves and made everyone else look like an underdressed child? I think about that a lot. Anyway, seven years later and the Lebanese-British human rights lawyer is as elegant and sophisticated as ever, making a rare appearance in London with her husband, the guy from ER.

He is, of course, George Clooney, star of the upcoming romantic comedy Trouble in Paradise with Julia Roberts; the Clooneys are currently abroad promoting the movie, so hopefully this is just the first of a few upscale looks from the mom of two.

Leaving her hotel hand in hand with her husband, Mrs. Clooney channeled Old Hollywood glam with big waves in her thick black hair, a bold red lip, diamond earrings, and a diamond tennis bracelet. She wore a beaded slip dress paired with soft gray heels, the same color as her nails. A gold clutch completes the look. Monochrome without being boring, that’s our girl! Woman. Lady, really.

<h1 class="title">London Celebrity Sightings - September 7, 2022</h1><cite class="credit">Neil Mockford</cite>

London Celebrity Sightings - September 7, 2022

Neil Mockford

Metallic eye shadow, I see you!

The pair joined Roberts on the floral carpet for a premiere event, and I need more information about Julia’s dress! Who is PW? What does 2007 signify? @ Me, JR.

<h1 class="title">BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-TICKET TO PARADISE</h1><cite class="credit">NIKLAS HALLE'N/Getty Images</cite>



Wait, didn’t even notice the buttons on the side before. This is a seriously cool dress.

Though she’s just about as private as an A-lister can get, Amal Clooney opened up about her home life in March, saying in an interview, “Marriage has been wonderful. I have in my husband a partner who is incredibly inspirational and supportive, and we have a home filled with love and laughter…. It is a joy beyond anything I could ever have imagined. I feel so lucky to have found a great love in my life, and to be a mother—this is how I get my balance.”

Some gals have all the luck and all the style.

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