Am I Being Shallow? I’m Struggling with Moving Forward with Our Wedding Plans Because of My Fiance´s Looks

I’ve been single for going on seven years now, and the road has been rough. I’m almost 35 years old, and I’m getting pressure from my parents to get married and start having children. My brother’s wife can’t have kids, so the weight of giving my parents grandchildren is falling on my shoulders 100 percent.

I’m constantly meeting good-looking men who treat me as though they don’t know what I’m truly worth. They look good, but they don’t end up being worth the good looks because their attitudes are horrible, and they think they’re all that. My last relationship lasted four years, and I wasted some of my best years on a cheater and liar.

I Got Down on One Knee But Was Left Holding the Ring After My Girlfriend Denied My Proposal
Proposal decor (Photo: Pinterest)

So, my good friend told me that I need to be more open-minded to men who are not as handsome but will treat me the way I deserve. She is married to a man she wasn’t attracted to so much initially on a physical level but who stimulated her mentally and emotionally. She’s been happily married now for a couple of years, and they are expecting their first child.

Primarily, she wants me to consider going on a date with her cousin, who has been in our circle for years. Apparently, her male cousin has been putting in his bid to date me ever since my last breakup, but nobody has made me aware until now.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go out with him regardless of his pot belly, acne and short stature. And I’m so happy that I did because our date was phenomenal! We danced the night away, ate good food, and enjoyed great music at a lounge in the city. Since then, we’ve gone on several dates and have officially become an exclusive item and pair. Things have been going well. He’s also attentive to my needs, and unlike the men I dated before, he’s a perfect gentleman. He tells me I’m his dream girl and that he’s going to marry me, and I believe him.

At our dinner date last night, he actually got down on one knee and proposed. I accepted and said yes, but deep down to my core, I was struggling. I think I said yes in the middle of all the excitement. My ring is perfect. He really listened to me, but can I really marry a man who’s only a 6 out of 10? Should I call off the engagement because I’m embarrassed by how my husband-to-be looks and feel as though I’m settling?

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