Always Coco Jewelry Challenges Fast Fashion with Meaningful and Versatile Pieces

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While we may not typically associate jewelry with the fast fashion industry, the importance of sustainability definitely does not end with clothing production. We’ve all at some point probably purchased inexpensive jewelry which eventually turns your skin green and you either toss it or keep it in your nightstand drawer, banished to the “never wear again” pile. And so begins, yet again, the endless cycle of finding another piece to buy, wear and, ultimately, wear out. Which begs the question, why buy things that you’ll only wear for a limited amount of time? In the long run, you’ll end up spending more on low-cost items that do not last as opposed to purchasing one item that you can wear for years to come and in a variety of ways.

That’s why it’s just as important to think ethically and sustainably when making jewelry purchases as it is when you buy clothing. It’s also why purchasing jewelry should be more of an investment – by investing more with Always Coco you will be purchasing quality, sustainability and versatility. The Always Coco Collection is one brand that is encouraging people to purchase pieces that will last them a lifetime as well as sustain a lifetime of trends. Founder Courtney Newell says her goal is to make a “footprint in the world of simplicity and simplified thoughts and do it through the topic of fashion”.

Her brand’s Unique Selling Proposition is simplicity and versatility – you can have one piece that can provide endless looks. By keeping it simple, stylish and stress free, people can fashion one piece of jewelry in numerous ways. This encourages people to reinvent their look with the same piece in multiple ways as opposed to buying low-cost jewelry for a one-off look.

The collection creates pendants with thought and meaning behind each design. Each piece is inspired by nature and with each rotation you’ll see a different depiction of mother-earth. The designs represent the changes and seasons we all go through, through-out our lives. With the Signature Pendant collection, people will automatically feel more value and sentiment from their jewelry and will naturally keep hold of it for a longer time.

On top- of the sentiment behind each design the collection donates five percent of proceeds towards the National Alliance of Mental Illness, a cause strongly aligned with the brand’s values. Courtney says the brand should “serve as a reminder that our simplest pieces and moments are often times our most beautiful.” — and that is an important concept to hold on-to while maintaining our mental health.

Today, it is not good enough for brands to be in denial when it comes to the environment and sustainability issues associated with their products. The Always Coco Collection is stepping up to the challenge to stand apart from fast fashion and create a brand with the vision to serve more than itself.

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