Altuzarra Is Bringing Back the Headband

A model walks the Altuzarra Fall 2017 runway. (Photo: Getty)
A model walks the Altuzarra Fall 2017 runway. (Photo: Getty)

On the Altuzarra Fall 2017 runway, models wore perfectly imperfect hair and makeup topped off with embellished headbands. This is no Blair Waldorf look, though. Designer Joseph Altuzarra drew inspiration from the Renaissance era.

“For the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, I started looking at a lot of portrait painting, especially Northern European Renaissance painting. It was an interesting time because it was when artists started moving away from stylized depictions of the human form and the human face, and started rendering their subjects as they looked, with all their flaws and all of their imperfections,” Altuzarra wrote on Instagram. “It really started an interesting dialogue for me in the collection about identity. I also think it allowed me to start having a conversation about the past versus the present, and creating a tension in the collection and in the look.”

Hairstylist Odile Gilbert allowed for natural imperfections in the tousled, low ponytails, and makeup artist Tom Pecheux let the freckles on models show through the minimal makeup.

Embracing one of the season’s biggest red carpet trends, Pecheux applied a light pink highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones and on the eyes. He used white liner on the upper lids and ditched the mascara to soften the look further. Brows were muted, with gray tones, and lips were bare.

Guess it’s time we pull out our old headbands.

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